Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Q4 Results Update

Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Q4 Results Update

Quarterly Results
by Shreya Anaokar Last Updated: May 17, 2022, 11:27 AM IST

On 5th May 2022, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance announced its quarterly results for the last quarter of FY2022.


Key Highlights:

- Assets under management for FY22, stood at ₹ 82,904 Cr as compared to ₹ 76,518 Cr in FY21.  

- Profits after Tax (PAT) for Q4 FY 22 were at ₹ 690 Cr compared to ₹ 243 Cr in Q4 FY 21, reporting a growth of 184%. PAT for FY 21-22, was at ₹ 2,147 Cr as against ₹ 1,515 Cr in the same period last year registering a growth of 42%. 

- The Company continues to hold a strong liquidity position with ₹ 5,341 Cr as cash balance as at end of March 2022 (including ₹ 1500 Cr invested in Gsec shown under investments), with a total liquidity position of ₹ 13,246 Cr (including undrawn sanctioned lines). 

- Net Income Margin was at ₹ 1,516 Cr for the quarter with a growth of 13% YoY and ₹ 5,757 Cr for FY22 with 16% YoY growth.


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Business Highlights:

- The company reported disbursements at ₹ 12,718 Cr for Q4FY22 with a growth of 58% and ₹ 35,490 Cr for FY22 with a growth of 36% YoY  

- Vehicle Finance (VF) disbursements were at ₹ 8,785 Cr in Q4 FY22 as against ₹ 6,153 Cr in Q4 FY21, with a growth of 43%. Disbursements for FY22, were at ₹ 25,439 Cr as against ₹ 20,249 Cr in FY21 reporting a growth of 26% YoY.  

- Loan Against Property including Affordable LAP, business disbursed ₹ 1,978 Cr in Q4 FY22, as against ₹ 1,191 Cr in Q4 FY21, with a growth rate of 66%. The Disbursements for FY 22 were at ₹ 5,862 Cr as against ₹ 3,627 Cr in the previous year, registering a good growth rate of 62% YoY.  

- Home Loan (HL) business disbursed ₹ 441 Cr in Q4 FY22, as against ₹ 538 Cr in Q4 FY21. The Disbursements for FY 22 were at ₹ 1,571 Cr as against ₹ 1,542 Cr in FY21.

- New businesses Consumer and Small Enterprise Loans (CSEL), Secured Business and Personal Loans (SBPL) along with Small and Medium Enterprises Loans business made disbursals of ₹ 1515 Cr in Q4FY22 which is a growth of 702% and ₹ 2619 Cr in the full year, which is a growth of 319% YoY. 


The Board of Directors of the company has recommended a dividend of ₹ 0.70 per share (35%) on the equity shares of the company, subject to the approval of the members of the company at the ensuing Annual General Meeting. This is in addition to the interim dividend of ₹ 1.30 per share (65%) for the financial year 2021-22 declared by the company on 1st February 2022.



Investment/Trading is subject to market risk, past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance. The risk of trading/investment loss in securities markets can be substantial. Also, the above report is compiled from data available on public platforms.

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