Financial Year 17-18: Invest in ICICI Pru Balanced Fund for Superior Returns

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Last Updated: 9th September 2021 - 01:47 pm

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A new financial year has begun. With the beginning of a new financial year, its time to plan for new investments. Most of us make investments when the year is about to end. This is not the right way to invest. It is always better to invest in a planned manner. One should start investing from the start of the year in order to achieve superior returns.

ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund was launched on November 3, 1999 and the fund has given returns of 15% since then. Managed by Mr. Sankaran Naren and Mr. Manish Banthia, the fund seeks to optimize the risk-adjusted return by distributing assets between both equity and debt markets. In bullish markets, equity allocation can go up to 80%. In bearish markets, equity allocation can go down to 65%. This dynamic allocation along with core debt portfolio reduces the volatility of return.

Trailing Returns (%)

  1-year 3-year 5-year 10-year
Fund 29.30 21.22 18.59 13.33
Category 20.42 18.22 15.05 11.75

As on March 17, 2017; Source - Ace Equity

Some highlights of the fund:

1). ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund has a total of 55 stocks in it portfolio.
2).The total assets under management (AUM) of the fund stands at Rs. 7,413 crore as on 28th February, 2017.
3).The fund has outperformed its category returns over a 3-year, 5-year and 10-year period.
4).The fund gives maximum weightage to the financial sector which is 14.91% followed by the energy sector which is 12.84%.

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