Macleod Pharma plans Big Pharma IPO


Macleod Pharma is one of the largest non-listed pharma plays in India. Macleod Pharma was floated by Dr. Rajendra Agarwal in 1986 to manufacture anti-tuberculosis drugs in India. The big news is that Macleod Pharma may be considering an IPO shortly, although they are yet to file the DRHP with SEBI. The IPO of Macleod Pharma was already doing rounds after the rip-roaring success of the Gland Pharma IPO last year.

It is being estimated that in terms of size, the Macleod Pharma IPO could be next only to Gland Pharma, which had raised Rs.6,480 crore through its IPO last year. In the last couple of years, pharma IPOs like Laurus Labs, Gland Pharma and Eris Life Sciences have done phenomenally well post listing. COVID-19 and the sudden rush for APIs and specialized generics is leading to a positive re-rating of pharma companies. Clearly, Macleod is planning its IPO to be in the right place at the right time.

Macleod Pharma has a rich 35 year legacy with strong focus on anti-tubercular, Anti-malarial, anti-bacterial, anti-retroviral and anti-diabetic medicines. Currently, Macleod has 14 manufacturing facilities for finished dosage and 2 facilities for manufacturing APIs. Macleod is a vertically integrated pharma company manufacturing close to 25 billion units of finished dosages annually. These include tablets, capsules, liquids, orals, inhalers, dry powders etc.

Macleod reaches out to over 150,000 doctors in India. Some of its popular brands in the market include Omnacortil, Lulimac, Budetrol, Defcort, Geminor, Vildamac, Olmesar, Nexovas, Thyrox, Tenlimac, Enzomac, Macfolate, Meromac, Tazomac, Montemac and Rebagen.

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