Rolex Rings IPO Allotment - How to Check the Allotment Status?

by Nikita Bhoota 03/08/2021

Rolex Rings IPO is subscribed 130.44 times and allotment of shares is happening on 4th August. Investors who have applied for Rolex Rings IPO are very keen to know if the IPO is being allotted to them. Allotment of shares happens based on rules prescribed by the regulatory body i.e. SEBI. Allocation is categorised as retail investors, non-institutional investors and qualified institutional investors. However, the allotment rules for all the three mentioned categories are different.

Several Investors wait for the email or messages from the depository. However, the investors sometimes might not get updated about IPO allotment information through emails or SMS due to technical reasons. Therefore, here we have discussed some of the other ways to check IPO allotment status.


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Let’s understand what exactly is the allotment status

Allotment status denotes the number of shares allocated and the number of shares applied in an IPO. It is categorised as follows:

Allotted: It means full shares allotted against applied.

Partly/ partially allotted: This means less number of shares allotted against applied.

Non- Allotment: No shares allotted against applied number of shares. Some of the reasons for non-allotment are as follows

•    The issue price is more i.e. higher than the bid price
•    The application was not selected in the lottery process
•    Error in some of the details like pan card number, Demat Account number
•    More than one application has been submitted via the same pan card number

Some of the other ways to check Rolex Rings IPO Allotment status

Option 1 - Go to Registrar’s Website:
An investor can check the IPO allotment status on the registrars’ website. Below are the steps mentioned to check allotment status in detail – 

1.    Go to Link Intime India Website at - & select "Public Issues"

2.    Select the IPO name as – Rolex Rings IPO

3.    Choose to add PAN Card no./Application number, DP Id or account no./IFSC to check the allotment status

4.    Click on the search button

Following is the link of registrar to check the Rolex Rings IPO Allotment Status - 

Option 2 – BSE and NSE Website
On the BSE website investors have to click on the equity or debt category in the equity type field, select the issue name from the dropdown, enter the application number as well as pan card details to check the allotment status. The link to check allotment status is as below

Whereas, in the case of NSE, investors have to register one time by providing the PAN details. The investor shall be able to view the details of the bids entered against the registered PAN number.

On registration, the investor will receive an email notification from NSE on their registered email ID mentioning the login details.


Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q. How do I check whether Rolex Rings IPO is allotted to me or not?

A. You can check the IPO Allotment status using two ways - mentioned above. However you will also receive an email and SMS notification if you have got the shares allotted to your account or not.


Q. What if Rolex Rings IPO is not allotted to me?

A. If Rolex Rings IPO is not allotted to you, then -

     1) In case of no-allotment or partial allotment, the money will be refunded to investors of the application money. Once applied for the IPO, then the bank blocks the amount in the account equal to bid size and the amount gets debited from the bank account after final allotment. 

     2) Based on application status, the bank will initiate a full or partial refund which generally takes one or two days to receive the refund in your account. 


Q. When is the Rolex Rings IPO Allotment expected?

A. Rolex Rings IPO allotment is expected on 4th August 2021.


Q. When is Rolex Rings IPO getting listed?

A. Rolex Rings IPO is getting listed on 9th August 2021.


Q. How many times Rolex Rings IPO was subscribed?

A. Rolex Rings IPO was oversubscribed (44.17%).

     Retailer - 24.49 times

     QIB - 143.58 times

     NII - 360.11 times


Q. Where can I check the IPO Allotment status of Rolex Rings IPO?

A. You can login to Link Intime Website OR on BSE India Website to check Rolex Rings IPO. Above are the steps mentioned for both the websites.

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