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Wondering how much brokerage charges would you pay on carrying out a specific transaction with 5paisa? Here is our brokerage calculator to give you all details upfront and help you identify the charges.

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In addition to the cost of buying the shares, trading involves other fees. The brokerage fee that a trader must pay to the broker is one of the most significant and common of these fees. The compensation a broker receives for executing a trade is represented by this brokerage fee.


Brokerage fees are often calculated as a percentage of the overall trading value. Brokers charge an additional fee on top of the trade's original value and deduct it from the trader's account.


Depending on the size of the trade, such a financial outlay can be significant. As a result, many investors speed up the cost analysis by using a brokerage calculator.

Brokerage Calculator is an online tool offered to traders by brokers and other investment platforms to make it easier for them to calculate brokerage before making a trade. A brokerage calculator can do more than just figure out the brokerage, though. Additionally, it computes transaction fees, GST, and Securities Transaction Tax (STT) as well as stamp duty fees.


Consequently, a brokerage charges calculator greatly streamlines the process of figuring out the cost of a trade. To determine their cost of trading, a person would need to enter the following data into an online brokerage calculator.

- Buying price of the stock
- Selling price of the stock
- Number of shares to be bought/ sold.
- State (for the stamp duty)
- Size of a lot ( for options trading)


Quick and efficient trading is made possible by a brokerage calculator, which promptly delivers correct information about such charges. As a result, it is designed for traders that heavily rely on timing to execute their bets like intraday traders. Before purchasing and selling stocks, they can simplify the cost analysis process by using an intraday brokerage calculator.


The brokerage is computed based on the total cost of the shares at the chosen percentage. Consequently, the brokerage formula is as follows.

If the fees are 0.05 percent for intraday and 0.50 percent for delivery, then

Intraday brokerage = market price of one share * the number of shares * 0.05%.
Delivery brokerage = market price of one share * the number of shares * 0.50%.

The fees are becoming more reasonable as broker competition levels rise.

Thera are three types of brokerage calculators:


1. Equity brokerage calculator:

The brokerage and other associated fees for intraday equities trading, delivery equity trading, and F&O trading are displayed in this stock brokerage calculator. Trading on the NSE and BSE can be done using the intraday brokerage calculator. The break-even point, or price point at which net gains or losses (after deducting brokerage and other charges) are equal to zero, is also displayed by the F&O and share brokerage calculators.


2. Commodity brokerage calculator:

The brokerage and other associated charges for MCX commodity trading are displayed by this calculator. Additionally, it displays the break-even points.


3. Currency brokerage calculator:

The brokerage and other associated fees for currency trading at the NSE are displayed by this calculator. To acquire all the pertinent information, including the point needed to break-even, you must choose the pricing plan (value or power plan) and input the buy price, sell price, and quantity (number of lots and lot size), in the options brokerage calculator.

The factors on which brokerage calculation depends are:


1. Purchase / Selling price:

One of the key variables impacting brokerage fees in the stock market is the buy or sell price of a single security unit. It accurately compares the brokers.


2. Volume of transactions:

Another factor that significantly affects brokerage estimates, whether made manually or with the help of a brokerage calculator, is the volume of transactions. The volume affects how much brokerage is calculated on shares. When traders place large orders, certain brokers, however, reduce the percentage fee.


3. Types of brokers:

Brokers in India typically fall under one of two groups:
- Full-service brokers
- Discount brokers


Research, sales management, advice, and a variety of other services linked to trading in securities are all provided by full-service brokers. Their fees are so typically on the higher side.

Discount brokers merely provide a trading platform and request a little fee in return. Regardless of the extent of the contract value, these brokers frequently impose a flat fee.

5paisa brokerage calculator has the following advantages:

- Investors can compare brokers charging competitive brokerage commissions using a brokerage calculator.
- 5paisa Brokerage calculators deliver precise findings right away.
- It takes into consideration all trading expenses.
- It is free of cost


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