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Stock Market: Advance Module

Stock Market: Advance Module

Stock Market: Advance Module

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A stock market is a place where equity shares of the company are brought and sold by the participants. These participants can be often investors and traders who seek a return on their investments and earn a fair or large amount of profits. These investors can have either long term or short term horizons of investments in stock markets. On the other hand, short term traders look for quicker gains by methods such as intraday, swing or scalping. MORE

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In the advance stock market module, You will learn and understand the equities in dept. This knowledge will help you understand the other investment methods used. You will also learn why markets move the way they do and what will be the perfect trading style for you. 






  • Stock selection

  • Fundamental analysis with ratios

  • Valuation skill

  • money management

  • Investment techniques 

1. Stock Market & Investments