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What is Trading View?

By News Canvass | Mar 27, 2023
Trading View

What is Trading View?

  • An incredibly strong trading atmosphere, TradingView also functions as a social network for dealers, which is a very special and valuable feature. You join a group of like-minded traders who actively share their trading ideas, tactics, and comments in addition to having access to strong fundamental, technical analysis, and trading tools.
  • The distinguishing quality and benefit of TradingView is its sizable trading community, which actively shares and interacts with one another’s content. The group creates its own indicators, shares its trading concepts via static charts or videos, runs live trading events, and conducts analysis once more via static charts or videos. TradingView claims that its platform has over 8 million shared custom programs and concepts as of this writing.

What is Trading View platform?

  • Almost all asset classes and instruments are covered by these live broadcasts, trade ideas, and forecasts, including coins, indices, stocks, forex, and more. In the same cutting-edge and user-friendly setting, you can analyse, investigate, and trade all at once.
  • TradingView is a cryptocurrency and other financial asset screener and tracking tool accessible through a web browser. Additionally, its tracking tools are usable directly from Binance’s trading UI. In addition to charting, you can live broadcast your research and share your trading methods.
  • TradingView is a powerful tool for all degrees of expertise when it comes to free options. Most buyers should be satisfied with the fundamental characteristics. However, exercise caution when looking through the feeds and thoughts of other users. Instead of simply copying others, it’s critical to select the knowledge that benefits your strategy.

What is Trading View used for?

  • Strong graphing tools are crucial for traders who enjoy basic analysis. One choice for both novice and seasoned dealers is TradingView. Numerous charting and selling tools are available, in addition to a complimentary subscription choice. Let’s face it, not everyone can afford or utilize a membership to a Bloomberg computer.
  • You may have already spotted TradingView’s tools accessible on Binance if you’ve been trading there. But it can appear a little scary if you don’t comprehend them.
  • You can make charts, alter technical markers, and examine financial instruments using the TradingView tool. Millions of dealers use these patterns, lines, and forms as indicators every day. There is no need to acquire a client because TradingView runs completely within a browser. If you’d rather use a mobile device, you can also obtain a program for iOS and Android.
  • Since its 2011 debut in Westerville, Ohio, TradingView has grown to have a sizable user base, with eight million profiles being established just in 2020. With either a free or paid account, users can track and study a variety of stocks, commodities, and digital assets like Bitcoin. After developing tactics and models, you can share your research with the public. You can improve your abilities in this manner with the help of TradingView users’ advice.
  • When it comes to asset screeners, TradingView is just one option among many others. The majority provide a comparable collection of charting and trading instruments, but let’s examine the key features first. Although TradingView excels in some areas, there is still space for growth.

Features of TradingView Chart

Do one thing and do it well is a proverb, but TradingView appears to be out to disprove it. Although its trading social network is intriguing and cutting-edge, its trading and analysis setting not only has as many features as the competitors but also provides more than other trading platforms:

12 Types of Charts

  • View up to 8 maps per page in the browser
  • Bar As you rewind your chart, set the pace and quality for replay.
  • individual period limits

Real-time warnings

  • In addition to the aforementioned functions and mechanics, TradingView also enables you to create a variety of customized market notifications, keeping you completely updated on all market developments.

Set up online notifications on all of your devices.

  • 12 custom conditions allow you to customize how the notifications are made up.
  • Set notifications for indicators and trading techniques in addition to rate adjustments.
  • Create “smart alerts” using Pine Script, the programming language for dealers developed by TradingView.
  • Set up push or webhook notifications for notices.

Additional Features of TradingView

The buying atmosphere and social media network offered by TradingView also permit:

  • Try out your tactics
  • Obtain a vast array of research instruments
  • Paper Trading Direct chart trading
  • Integrated messaging capabilities
  • Interactive instrument heatmaps, including those for markets, equities, and cryptocurrencies


  • HTML5 graphing – TradingView is accessible from any device with an internet browser. You can access your data from any location without installing any program.
  • Everyone has free access to the bulk of the tools.
  • Server-side alerting system: TradingView’s servers will maintain note of any alerts you establish. To receive alert messages, TradingView is not required to be active.
  • Compatibility with Binance – TradingView can be used in the trading UI on Binance, even though you can’t reach Binance from TradingView’s website. With Binance, you can quickly purchase, trade, and make charts on the fly.
  • Advanced users can build bespoke indicators and save them to Trading View’s servers using scripts. Pine Script, a straightforward proprietary coding language created by Trading View, powers this functionality.
  • The quantity of stocks, securities, commodities, and forex data that can be charted is significant. This is not just about coins, either!
  • Back testing: Using the built-in feature is easy once you’ve created a plan.


  • Community problems- The idea of the Streams and Ideas tab is intriguing, but the content’s quality differs considerably. Many pieces of advise are extremely speculative and of little use to first-time readers.
  • Customer service – The Trading View community frequently complains about issues with the company’s customer service. Issues can only be reported by paying clients, and assistance is unavailable to free users.
  • Integration of brokers and trading systems has been done by Trading View, but the choices are still quite restricted.
  • Prices for U.S. equities in Cboe BZX data – Trading View do not originate from the corresponding equity exchanges. For instance, the Cboe BZX market provides the price for NASDAQ stocks, which can be a little off from the real price. There is a charge for access to real-time info from an exchange.
  • Trading View is a good choice to investigate for anyone searching for a free answer with lots of useful tools. Additionally free to access, their instructional materials thoroughly go over the fundamentals of charting and technical signs.
  • However, the societal component isn’t as powerful. You should avoid the speculative counsel that is frequently given in chat areas. Because you have to sort through good and poor counsel, this element makes the social aspects less useful for novices.
  • However, Trading View is a fantastic utility for back testing trading strategies and is worth attempting just for its charting tools. With just a complimentary account, you’ll have more than enough to learn about the complex subject of technical analysis.
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