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The Auto Investor

A smart fully automated advisor that handpicks a portfolio of Mutual funds based on your exact needs!

Smart Profiler

The Auto investor is programmed to understand your investment requirements along with all your demographic details to be able to gather a deep insight into your profile.

Intelligent Advisor

It analyses your responses and screens through the universe of Mutual funds to pick a diversified portfolio just for you to achieve your objectives

Automated Guide

It guides you at each step and helps you monitor your investments and better manage your money as you reach closer to achieving all your goals!

Who is this for?

We tried to do some research on the ways that people start investing and interestingly found that most people ask their friends, relatives, neighbours, or in fact just about anybody about the right investment options for themselves. Some common questions are..

If you have any of the above questions in mind, ask No Further.

The Auto Investor, will answer all these questions for you – #ROBOTStyle

How does it work?

Tell us about yourself

Let the AI know about you, your objectives, your income and risk appetite.

Invest in a Tailormade Portfolio

Open a Free Mutual Fund Investment account with 5paisa and invest in the portfolio that the AI recommends for you.

Monitor, Track and Achieve

See how your investments have performed and keep track of how close you move to your targets with the help of AI. Make modifications when required to realign your portfolio with your objectives.

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