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Anupam Rasayan India (ARIL) has evolved over the years into custom synthesis and manufacturing of life science related speciality chemicals and other speciality chemicals. They involve multi-step synthesis and complex technologies, for Indian and global customers. It undertakes hazard and operability studies before commencing commercial production of a new product and looks to mitigate these hazards through process improvement, engineering controls, developing safe operating procedures, and training of its employees. They have two distinct business verticals life science related speciality chemicals comprising products related to agrochemicals personal care, and pharmaceuticals and other speciality chemicals, comprising speciality pigment and dyes, and polymer additives.

Object of the Offer

The offer consists entirely of Fresh Issue of ₹760cr. Of the proceeds from the issue, ₹564 cr is proposed to be utilized towards repayment/prepayment of certain indebtedness availed by the Company (incl. accrued interest).

Anupam Rasayan India share Holding pattern

Share Reservation

Net Issue (%)

Promoter and Promoter Group




Source: RHP

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO Subscription Details


Anupam Rasayan India Ltd

Issue Type

Book Building

Issue Size (In ` Crore)

₹760.00 Cr

Lot Size

27 equity shares

Open Date

12 March, 2021

Close Date

16 March, 2021

Offer Price

₹553 to ₹555 per equity share


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Subscription Status

Category Subscription Status Shares Offered
Qualified Institutional 65.74 Times 2,709,259
Non Institutional 97.42 Times 2,031,765
Retail Individual 10.77 Times 4,740,785
Employee 1.71 Times 220,000
Others - -
Total 44.06 Times 9,701,809

Anumpam Rasayan IPO Subscription Details (Day by Day)
Date QIB NII Retail Employee Total
Mar-12-2021 5:00 PM 0.00x 0.09x 2.58x 0.30x 1.29x
Mar-15-2021 5.00 PM 0.37x 1.39x 6.60x 0.93x 3.64x
Mar-16-2021 5.00 PM 65.74x 97.42x 10.77x 1.71x 44.06x

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About Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO

Having commenced business as a partnership firm in 1984 as a manufacturer of conventional products, Anupam Rasayan India (ARIL) has evolved over the years into custom synthesis and manufacturing of life science related specialty chemicals and other specialty chemicals, which involve multi-step synthesis and complex technologies, for Indian and global customers. It has two distinct verticals, life science related specialty chemicals (95.37 % for revenue from operations for FY20) comprising products related to agrochemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals and other specialty chemicals. ARIL has developed strong and long-term relationships with various multinational corporations (MNCs), including, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd. and UPL Ltd. that has helped them expand their product offerings, processes and geographic reach across Europe, Japan, United States and India. Backed by strong R&D capabilities, ARIL has expanded its commercialized product portfolio from 25 products in FY18 to 34 products in FY20 and 41 products in the 9MFY21. As of December 31, 2020, ARIL has six multi-purpose manufacturing facilities in Gujarat, India with an aggregate installed capacity of 23,438MT. Revenue from operations from exports in FY20 and 9MFY21 accounted for 68.05% and 61.38%, of total revenue from operations, respectively.

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO - Financials

(Cr., unless specified)






Revenue from Operations












EBITDA Margin (%)






Diluted EPS (₹)






ROE (%)






Debt to Equity (x)






Source: RHP; *not annualized

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd - Key Points

Key Positives
  • Core focus on process innovation through consistent research and development, value engineering and complex chemistries
  • ARIL believes that its focus on process innovation through continuous R&D and value engineering has been instrumental in the growth of their business and improved its ability to customize products for customers as well as reduced cost of goods while maintaining margins. ARIL’s R&D is focused on enabling it to perform multi-step synthesis as well as developing in-house processes and identifying complex chemistries. As of December 31, 2020, ARIL had a dedicated team of over 42 employees in its R&D department and has a dedicated in-house R&D facility and a pilot plant located at Sachin Unit – 6 which is equipped with laboratories engaged in process development, process innovation, new chemical screening and engineering. The R&D team has successfully carried out multi-step synthesis and scale-up for several new molecules in the area of life sciences related specialty chemicals and other specialty chemicals thereby expanding its commercialized product portfolio over the year and has successfully diversified the company in terms of process capability and expanded its expertise into multi-step synthesis capabilities and complex chemistries.

    As per the F&S Report, ARIL one of the leading companies in manufacturing products using continuous and flow chemistry technology on a commercial scale in India. The continuous process technology has distinct advantages over the traditional batch process, which is typically used by specialty chemical companies, in reducing the batch cycle time of a chemical production process and making the process safer and environment friendly as well as energy and cost efficient (F&S Report). The company believes that implementation of continuous process technology in certain of its manufacturing operations has enabled it to become a preferred partner for various multinational companies for manufacturing products utilizing chemical reactions such as diazotization and hydrolysis, nitration, chlorination and distillation.

  • Automated manufacturing facilities with strong focus on environment, sustainability, health and safety measures 
  • ARIL has six manufacturing facilities, with four facilities located in Sachin, Surat, Gujarat and two facilities located in Jhagadia, Bharuch, Gujarat. The manufacturing facilities are highly automated and are equipped with glass-lined, titanium cladded and stainless steel reactors enabling them to manufacture a diverse range of products, minimize the number of employees required, and as a result, reduce cost and human error. Further, its facilities are adequately supported with sophisticated analytical infrastructure, enabling them to provide accurate analysis to customers. In addition, the facilities are multi-purpose that are designed to allow a level of flexibility enabling them to manufacture a diverse range of products and provide the ability to modify and customize the product portfolio to address the changing customer requirements.

    Health, safety and sustainability measures are at the core of company’s operations and since majority of the products are manufactured based on in-house developed innovative processes, they run reaction calorimetry and differential scanning calorimetry tests at various stages of a new product before commencing commercial production, which are recognized as global benchmarks for safety (F&S Report). The processes are defined and introduced at the facilities only after hazard and operability studies have been performed and hazards are mitigated before commencing commercial production of a new product. They have implemented various distillation and filtration systems as well as new chemical technologies and heat exchangers to minimize water pollution and waste which provides the company flexibility to increase production volumes and reduce dependence on external agencies for environmental compliance.

  • Experienced promoters and strong management team
    The company is led by experienced Promoters some of whom have significant experience in the chemical industry. Mr. Anand S Desai and Ms. Mona A Desai (Vice-Chairman and Whole-time Director) have an experience of approximately 28 years and 18 years, respectively, in the chemicals industry. Further, Dr. Kiran C Patel, one of its Promoters and Chairman, is a businessperson experienced in the healthcare sector, and the Key Managerial Personnel have significant experience in the chemical industry. For instance, Dr. Nileshkumar Naik (Technical Head) has been associated with the Company since its incorporation, while Dr. Anuj Thakkar R&D (Process Development) Head has been associated with the company since 2005. Their industry experience enables the company to anticipate and address market trends, manage and grow operations, maintain and leverage customer relationships and respond to changes in customer preferences.

Key Risk:
  • ARIL derives a significant portion of its revenue from certain customers, and the loss of one or more such customers, the deterioration of their financial condition or prospects, or a reduction in their demand for the company’s products could adversely affect its business. For instance, revenues generated from sales to top 10 customers represented 86.65% and 84.01% of revenue from operations in FY20 and 9MFY21.
  • The company depends on success of relationships with its customers most of whom are multinational corporations. Any adverse developments or inability to enter into or maintain such relationships could have an adverse effect on business, results of operations and financial condition.
  • The company is exposed to risks arising from interest rate and foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Also, they do not have long-term agreements with suppliers for raw materials and an increase in the cost of, or a shortfall in the availability or quality of such raw materials pose as a risk.


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Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO Frequently Asked Questions

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd is one of the leading company engaged in the custom synthesis and manufacturing of specialty chemicals in India is coming up with its Initial Public Offering on Friday, March 12 with the public issue comprising a issue size of up to ₹760.00 crore.

You can apply for the Anupam Rasayan IPO using any supported UPI apps. To Apply on 5paisa App follow the procedure mentioned above. For further details Click Here.

Anupam Rasayan IPO will open on March 12, 2021.

The Issue Size of Anupam Rasayan IPO is of face value ₹10 aggregating ₹760.00 Cr.

Anupam Rasayan IPO Lot size is 27 equity shares, that means you can apply for one lot consisting 27 equity shares.

Shares of Anupam Rasayan will be getting allotted on 19th March, 2021.

Anupam Rasayan Shares will be getting listed on 24th March, 2021.

Here is the minimum investment calculation of Anupam Rasayan IPO
Lot size – 27 * Issue Price ₹555 = ₹14,985 Hence the minimum investment amount required to invest in Anupam Rasayan IPO is ₹14,985. As per the maximum limit that is allowed by SEBI you can apply for 13 lots.

No, one bank account one IPO application is allowed.

Cut off Price for Anupam Rasayan IPO is ₹14,985.

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Contact Details of Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO

Company Contact Information

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd IPO
8110 GIDC Industrial Estats,
Achin Dist,
Surat, Gujarat 394230.

Phone: +91 261 239 8991
Email: investors@anupamrasayan.com
Website: http://www.anupamrasayan.com/

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