Direct Mutual Funds

Pay just flat 10/-
& save huge commissions!
  • No upfront & trail commissions.
  • Low expense ratio.
  • High returns.
Earn more with Direct Funds
Take a look how you can earn more in Direct Investment
  • You make monthly SIP investment for 10,000/- & stay invested for 30 years. you will be paying 10 per month and total of just 2400 over 30 years.

    1% higher return could build a much bigger corpus. you can generate 2.27 Cr. corpus at 10% returns and 2.83 Cr. corpus at 11% returns a whopping difference of 55 Lac

    You could earn
    55,00,000 More
What is Direct & Regular Scheme
  • Direct Schemes
    A Direct plan is what you buy directly from the mutual fund company and start investment
    • No commissions are paid to anyone.
    • Expense ratio is lower on account of the savings in commissions.
    • Better returns since expense ratio is lower.
  • Regular Schemes
    Regular plans is when you buy a mutual fund through a mutual fund broker, distributor or advisor.
    • Broker gets commission for every investment.
    • Expense ratio is higher since commissions are paid to brokers.
    • Slightly lower returns than direct funds.