SBI Corporate Bond Fund

Debt · Corporate Bond
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Min Lumpsum
0.34 %
Expense Ratio
Fund Size (in Cr)
4 Years
Fund Age
Mutual Fund SIP Calculator
Monthly Investment
Max: ₹1,00,000
Investment Period
Max: 3 yrs
  • Invested Amount
  • Wealth Gained
  • Expected Amount

Scheme Performance

Returns and Ranks ( as on 08 June 2023 )
1Y1Y 3Y3Y 5Y5Y MaxMax
Trailing Returns 7.2% 5.4% - 7.3%
Category Average 16.1% 24% 13.6% -

Scheme Allocation

By Holding
By Sector
By Asset
AI Assets
L&T Metro Rail
Net CA & Others
Corporate Debentures
Govt Securities / Sovereign
Net Curr Ass/Net Receivables
Reverse Repos
Commercial Paper

Advance Ratio


Exit Load

Exit Load Nil

Fund Objective

SBI Corporate Bond Fund Direct-Growth is a mutual fund plan offered by SBI Mutual Fund that invests in debt securities. The 16th of January 2019 marked the beginning of this plan, which is now being directed by the fund manager Rajeev Radhakrishnan.

The objective of the plan is to give investors chance to generate additional spread on a portion of their debt investments from high-quality corporate debt securities while keeping the portfolio’s liquidity at a moderate level through investments in money market securities. This will be accomplished by primarily investing in corporate bonds with ratings of AA+ or higher.

Pros & Cons



Exit load is zero. The fund is relatively new.
Provides greater returns than bank FDs.


Returns are lesser than equities.
High quality debt structures. 1 year returns are lower than average returns.
Provides regular income for the investors. Liquidity risk needs to be mitigated.


How to invest in SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

5paisa simplifies the process of investing in the SBI Corporate Bond Fund. The procedure has been shortened, and documentation is no longer required. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: Log in to your 5Paisa Account. If you do not have one, click the link to register and create a new 5Paisa account in 3 easy steps. Alternatively, you can download the 5Paisa app on your smartphone for Android or IOS and log in from your device.

Step 2: Search for the SBI Mutual Fund scheme that you want to invest in

Step 3: Select the option that is apt for your requirement and risk appetite

Step 4: Select the investment type – SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or Lumpsum

Step 5: Input the amount that you’d like to invest and proceed with payment by clicking on the ‘Invest Now’ button

That’s it! This sums up the investment process. Once your payment is successful, you can see the SBI Mutual Fund reflected in your 5Paisa account in 3-4 working days. If you have selected the SIP option, the chosen amount will get deducted every month starting from the date you have made the payment.

What is the expense ratio of the SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

The expense ratio reflects the yearly fee that the mutual fund provider will charge to manage your funds for the duration of the transaction. The Expense Ratio, calculated as a percentage of the fund’s AUM, reduces each unit of performance. Choose a fund with a low expense ratio if you want to retain a greater portion of your returns.

Who should invest in the SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

● Investors in the SBI Corporate Bond Fund are encouraged to commit at least three years to their investments. If you can wait, the fund will provide satisfactory returns. The fund’s annualised returns are close to 10% since its start, which is comparable to the returns of the stock market. The fund makes it possible for patient investors to amass a sizable fortune over a longer time frame while maintaining their peace of mind.

● Those with a more traditional outlook will appreciate it the most. Annual returns from the corporate bond fund are satisfactory regardless of market volatility or economic circumstances. If the economy is experiencing inflation, investors might expect greater profits from the bond market. Bonds are a useful buffer against war, natural catastrophes, and other sources of economic instability if invested at the right level.

What are the benefits of investing in the SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

● Reliability

Corporate bond funds managed by a reputable fund firm are a lifesaver for novice investors who know nothing about the bond market or debt instruments. The bond market is notoriously risky, so the ordinary retail investor requires years of expertise and a wealth of information before entering. The SBI Corporate bond fund has earned a solid reputation as a safe investment option due to the high standards by which its bond holdings and issuer selection are evaluated.

● Path to financial objectives

The returns on an SBI corporate bond are greater than those on savings and fixed deposits at several of the world’s most well-known banks. An investor who is willing to take on some risk may amass a sizable fortune. The collected money may be put to use in a variety of ways, including funding the beginning of a company, funding the completion of a child’s formal education, funding their wedding, or funding their pursuit of other entrepreneurial goals.

● Solutions geared for investors

The SBI corporate fund provides several investment-friendly solutions to its clients, enabling them to accumulate money following their temperaments and dispositions. Investors may reduce the frequency and severity of investment losses by using the SIP. Investors have seen better returns from the SIP plan than their lump sum investing competitors in certain market circumstances.

Fund Managers

Rajeev Radhakrishnan

Mr Rajeev Radhakrishnan joined SBI Mutual Funds as a fixed income portfolio manager in 2008. He is currently the CIO of the fixed income desk at SBI Mutual Fund. Before joining SBI MF, Rajeev was Co-Fund Manager for Fixed Income with UTI Asset Management for seven years. He manages an AUM of INR 45,976 crores.


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AMC Contact Details

SBI Mutual Fund
6,48,640 Cr
9th Floor,Crescenzo, C-39&39, G Block, Bandra kurla complex, Bandra (east), Mumbai-400 051.
Email ID:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in SBI Corporate Bond Fund ?

You can invest in SBI Corporate Bond Fund in a quick and simple process. Follow the below steps;
  • Login to your 5paisa account, Go to the Mutual Funds section.
  • Search for SBI Corporate Bond Fund in the search box.
  • Click on "Start SIP" if you wish to do a SIP or click on “One-time” if you wish to invest a lumpsum amount then click on "Invest Now"

What is the NAV of SBI Corporate Bond Fund ?

The NAV of SBI Corporate Bond Fund is ₹13.5 as of 08 June 2023.

How to redeem SBI Corporate Bond Fund holding ?

You can go to your holding on the app and click on the fund name you will get two options Invest More and Redeem; click on redeem and enter the amount or units you desire to redeem or you can tick on “Redeem all units”.

What is the minimum sip amount of SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

The minimum SIP amount of SBI Corporate Bond Fund is ₹500

How much returns have SBI Corporate Bond Fund generated ?

The SBI Corporate Bond Fund has delivered 7.3% since inception

What is the expense ratio of SBI Corporate Bond Fund ?

The expense ratio of SBI Corporate Bond Fund is 0.34 % as of 08 June 2023.

What is the AUM of SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

The AUM of SBI Corporate Bond Fund is ₹6,48,640 Cr as of 08 June 2023

What are the top stock holdings of SBI Corporate Bond Fund?

The top stock holdings of SBI Corporate Bond Fund are
  1. GSEC2032 - 6.42%
  2. TREPS - 5.58%
  3. AI Assets - 5.28%
  4. GSEC2027 - 5.08%
  5. L&T Metro Rail - 3.78%
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