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₹500 ₹5,000 0.99 % 3★ ₹7,077 10 Years
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₹500 ₹5,000 0.99 %
Min SIP Min Lumpsum Expense Ratio
3★ ₹7,077 Cr 10 Years
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Scheme Objective

The UTI-Mid Cap Fund is a diversified equity scheme launched on 7th April 2004 by UTI Mutual Fund.

The scheme distributes the majority of its investments across the financial services, capital goods, automobile and auto components, consumer durables, healthcare, IT, and chemicals sectors. It is managed by Ankit Agarwal.

The scheme’s investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by predominantly investing in equities and equity-related securities of mid-cap companies in India. The scheme aims to achieve its investment objective by investing in companies with scalable business models and substantial growth prospects.

The UTI-Mid Cap Fund invests at least 65% of its assets in mid-cap companies. Mid-cap companies are those which are ranked between 101st and 250th based on market capitalisation. The scheme has the flexibility to invest up to 35% of its assets in debt and money market instruments.

Pros & Cons



Since its inception, the UTI-Mid Cap Fund has delivered higher returns than its benchmark, the Nifty Midcap 150 TRI Index. 3-year and 5-year annualised returns for this scheme are lower than the average for its category and its benchmark.
The scheme has had a higher Sharpe ratio in the past 3 years compared to its category average, indicating that it has provided increased returns for each unit of additional risk. In the past 3 years, the scheme has lagged behind its category average with a lower alpha, indicating underperformance.
In the past 5 years, the Nifty Midcap 150 TRI Index’s price-to-earnings ratio has grown significantly compared to the Nifty 50 Index, indicating more significant long-term growth potential for mid-cap companies. Over the past 3 years, UTI Mid-Cap Fund has shown higher volatility, with a higher standard deviation and beta than the average in its category.


How to invest in a UTI-Mid Cap Fund?

5paisa makes it simple and convenient for users to invest in the UTI-Mid Cap Fund Direct-Growth. The procedure is straightforward, can be finished quickly, and does not include any paperwork at any point. Invest a few minutes in carrying out the steps listed below:

Step 1: You need to visit 5Paisa’s official website or download 5Paisa app on your smartphone. Log in to your 5Paisa account in 3 easy steps, or log in if you don’t have an account yet.

Step 2: Search for UTI mutual fund programs and browse all available options listed under AMC.

Step 3: You can compare different investment types, funds, risks, and returns and choose the one that best suits your preferences, investment needs, and risk appetite.

Step 4: You need to choose the type of investment you want to make. You can start a SIP, a systematic investment plan where a monthly payment of the registered amount is debited from your bank account every month. You can plan it for a few years or just leave it open. The other category is making a Lumpsum investment. This is a one-time investment you make in your UTI mutual fund.

Step 5: Enter the amount you wish to invest and make the payment by clicking the Invest Now button.

Step 6: It takes 3-4 business days to process your payment, after which your investment will appear in your wallet. You can also make future investments in the same portfolio and continue adding funds.

What is the expense ratio of the UTI-Mid Cap Fund?

When referring to the UTI-Mid Cap Fund Direct-Growth or any other mutual fund, the word “Expense Ratio” refers to the fund’s annual operating expenses as a percentage of its total assets, which can impact a scheme’s returns for investors. A lower expense ratio usually means the fund is less costly and may generate higher returns for the investors.

Who should invest in UTI-Mid Cap Fund?

The UTI Mid-Cap Fund is ideal for investors seeking capital growth and mid-cap stock exposure. The scheme implements a multi-stock investment strategy, diversifying holdings across over 60 stocks. Mid-cap stocks are often associated with a higher return potential than their large-cap counterparts and provide greater portfolio diversification benefits, making the UTI-Mid Cap Fund a suitable choice for investors considering these factors in their investment decisions.

The scheme is a well-regarded investment option in the Mid Cap category. The scheme has generated an average annual return of 18.3% since its inception. Its consistent performance, cost-effectiveness, and effective investment methodology have made it a sought-after investment choice among investors.

The UTI-Mid Cap Fund is ideal for investors with a 5-year or longer investment outlook and a very high tolerance for risk. However, if you prefer lower risk or a shorter investment horizon, other investment options may be more suitable for you than the UTI-Mid Cap Fund.

What are the benefits of investing in the UTI-Mid Cap Fund?

● The UTI-Mid Cap Fund has generated a CAGR of 18.3% since its inception, outperforming its benchmark, the Nifty Midcap 150 TRI Index.
● The scheme is open to investing in good companies undergoing short-term challenges or transformation and has the flexibility to stay invested in mid-cap companies that grow into large-cap status.
● The UTI-Mid Cap Fund prioritises companies with scalable business models and long-term growth potential, allowing investment opportunities in promising businesses.
● The scheme provides a balance between risk and growth potential, as it is less risky than small-cap funds and offers higher growth opportunities than large-cap funds.
● The UTI-Mid Cap Fund implements a “bottom-up stock selection” strategy. This method focuses on evaluating each company’s performance rather than being influenced by broader market trends or economic factors. This approach has the potential to generate higher returns for investors.
● It demonstrates better risk-adjusted performance than the category average, as indicated by higher Sharpe and Treynor ratios.

Scheme Performance

Returns and Ranks ( as on 20 March 2023 )
1 Year1Y 3 Years3Y 5 Years5Y MaxMax
Trailing Returns 0.7% 29.3% 11.3% 17.8%
Category Average 4.4% 34.1% 12.3% -

Scheme Allocation

Tube Investments
Federal Bank
Schaeffler India
APL Apollo Tubes
Auto Components
Industrial Products
Consumer Durables
Net Curr Ass/Net Receivables
Fixed Deposit

Fund House Details

UTI Mutual Fund

UTI-Mid Cap Fund

Fund Manager
Ankit Agarwal

Exit Load

Exit Load 1.00% - If redeemed / switched out less than one year from the date of allotment. Nil - If redeemed / switched out greater than or equal to one year from the date of allotment.

Advance Ratio

-0 0.95 0.76 0.01
Alpha SD Beta Sharpe


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AMC Contact Details

UTI Mutual Fund
2,23,841 Cr
UTI Towers, Gn Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can invest in UTI-Mid Cap Fund in a quick and simple process. Follow the below steps;
  • Login to your 5paisa account, Go to the Mutual Funds section.
  • Search for UTI-Mid Cap Fund in the search box.
  • Click on "Start SIP" if you wish to do a SIP or click on “One-time” if you wish to invest a lumpsum amount then click on "Invest Now"
The UTI-Mid Cap Fund has delivered 17.8% since inception
The NAV of UTI-Mid Cap Fund is ₹192.4 as of 20 March 2023.
The expense ratio of UTI-Mid Cap Fund is 0.99 % as of 20 March 2023.
You can go to your holding on the app and click on the fund name you will get two options Invest More and Redeem; click on redeem and enter the amount or units you desire to redeem or you can tick on “Redeem all units”.
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