5 Best Green Stocks To Invest In March 2024

Published : 13 March 2024

Adani Green is currently trading around Rs. 1896.10 with an ROCE of 7.59% and ROE of 16.56%. Its OPM is around 57.39%.

Adani Green Energy Ltd

The company’s share is trading at around Rs. 87.00. Its ROCE and ROE are 7.47% and 10.54% respectively. Its OPM is 54.02%.


Waa Solar Ltd

The company’s share is trading at around Rs. 131.00. Waa Solar’s ROCE and ROE are 6.12% and 3.64% respectively. While the OPM was 48.90%.

Karma Energy is currently trading at around Rs. 65.05 with an ROCE of 8.00% and ROE of 15.31%. Its OPM is around 28.26%.

Karma Energy Ltd

Urja Global has been trading around Rs.20.80 with an ROCE of 1.15% and ROE of 0.88%. The company has reported the OPM at 7.29%.

Urja Global Ltd.

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