5 Debt Management Strategies

Published : 26 June 2023

1. Work on Your Company’s Budget. 

Your income sources, variable expenses, and fixed costs should all be listed in a business budget. Your budget should assist you in developing the beneficial habit of setting aside money for rent, and other predictable expenses.

2. Improve Your Cash Flow 

Poorly managed cash flow can result in serious issues, such as difficulty fulfilling obligations on time, even in a profitable business. After your cash flow has been improved, you can begin to plan how to best distribute the extra money you have freed up.

3. Review and Priortise Your Debt 

Examine all of your outstanding debts, then begin to prioritise and make plans for how to reduce them. 

4. Review Loan Terms & Consider Refinancing 

Debt can be restructured through refinancing in a number of ways, such as by combining several loans into one more manageable facility, adjusting loan terms, or maximising tax deductions.

5. Increase Your (Profitable) Sales 

You must comprehend the factors that influence your company's profits and concentrate your efforts on boosting sales in the most profitable sectors of the enterprise.