5 Tips for Successful Commodity Trading

Published : 26 May 2023

Study Commodity Market cycles

Demand and supply for commodities frequently follow seasonal and temporal patterns, which can be caused by a variety of climatic factors. You can avoid the risks associated with short-term sub-cycles by having an understanding of long-term cycles.

Stay updated with geo-economic news

A person who keeps up with economic news in its entirety frequently has the ability to foresee black swan events, or at the very least, the events that will happen after they do.

Analyzing different volatility for different commodities

Unless there is a sudden event, some commodities only exhibit minor seasonal volatility. Lot sizes and margin requirements can both be impacted by volatility. It is best to start trading in commodities with lower volatility.

Recognize the risks associated with high leverage

Commodity markets typically have much higher leverage than stock markets (lower margin requirements). For the same level of investment, high leverage also means higher potential losses.

Use stop loss orders and refrain from overtrading

Due to high leverage and high volatility in some commodities, it is recommended to use stop loss to reduce losses.