How to Invest Your First 5000 Rs in Stock Market?

Published : 14 June 2023

Option 1: Stocks

Search for stocks that will return 8% to 10% in 3 to 5 months. Once the anticipated return is received, sell the stocks. To reinvest, look for another stock.

Option 2: Intraday Trading

With Rs 5000, you can begin intraday trading. You can begin with a daily profit of 0.5–1%. 

Option 3: Options Trading:

With a margin of Rs 5000 and a weekly target of 2% or a monthly target of 4%, you are ready to start with the option buying strategy. 

Option 4: Mutual Funds

Equity mutual funds offer investing opportunities with an annual return expectation of 12%.

Option 5: ETFs

ETFs allow you to invest in index-based securities with a 12% expected return.