IPO Ambitions: Big Basket's Path to Profitability

Published : 06 March 2024

Big Basket, backed by Tata Group, aims to achieve profitability in 6-8 months, paving way for IPO in 2025, as stated by Co-founder & CEO Hari Menon.

Big Basket's Profitability Goal

Big Basket eyes IPO in 2025, with both primary & secondary share sales anticipated. Tata Group's guidance will be instrumental in navigating this strategic move, according to CEO Hari Menon.

IPO Plans in Pipeline

Investment Strategy for Growth

Emphasizing need for capital, Big Basket plans to source ongoing investments from Tata Group. These investments are directed towards technology, marketing, & human resources to drive growth.

Big Basket targets revenue growth of 30-35% in FY24, aiming for top line of ₹ 12,000 cr. Initiatives like 'BB Now' promise delivery within 10 minutes, contributing to revenue diversification.

Revenue Growth & Expansion

With over 70% of revenue from its slotted business, Big Basket remains focused on kitchen-related offerings. Despite experimentation with offline presence, company maintains its commitment to grocery retailing under Tata Group's strategic vision.

Commitment to Grocery Retailing

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