Penny stock Sarveshwar Foods gave 2400% returns in 4 years

FMCG penny stock Sarveshwar Foods which was trading at Rs. 0.34 in 2020, turned multi-bagger and gave a whopping 2400% return in 4 years reaching Rs. 8.5 at present.

In one year, Sarveshwar Foods gave 253% returns. On a YTD basis, it gave a 55% return.

The stock is trading 310% up compared to the 52-week low of March 2023 at Rs. 2.07

At present the stock price is Rs. 8.5 which is down by 46% from its high of Rs. 15.73 on 28th February 2024.

The company produces and sells basmati and non-basmati rice in the country.

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