Risky Business: JM Financial's Regulatory Troubles

Published : 06 March 2024

RBI has directed JM Financial Products Limited to cease all financing activities related to shares & debentures. This includes loans against initial public offerings (IPOs) & subscription to debentures, following deficiencies in loan sanctions.

RBI Halts JM Financial's Share & Debenture Financing

RBI's directive to JM Financial comes after deficiencies were found in loans sanctioned for IPO financing & Non-Convertible Debenture (NCD) subscriptions. company facilitated group of customers in bidding for various IPOs & NCD offerings using borrowed funds, raising regulatory concerns.

Regulatory Action Against JM Financial

Inadequate Credit Underwriting Process

Limited review revealed inadequate credit underwriting processes by JM Financial, with financing extended against minimal margins. Company also operated application for subscription, demat accounts, & bank accounts on behalf of customers without direct involvement, raising governance issues.

RBI's directive to JM Financial follows its decision to halt IIFL Finance's gold loan operations. Concerns regarding deviations in gold purity & weight certification prompted regulatory action, showcasing RBI's commitment to enforcing stringent measures across financial institutions to safeguard investor interests.

RBI's Stringent Measures Across Financial Institutions

JM Financial's dual role as both lender & borrower, facilitated through Power of Attorney (POA) arrangements, raised serious regulatory concerns. Operating bank accounts using PO breached regulatory guidelines, posing governance issues detrimental to customer interests.

Dual Role of JM Financial Raises Concerns

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