SME IPO Details

Published : 30  May 2023

Open Date

31 May 2023

2 June 2023


₹ 32.74  Cr

Close Date

Lot Size

IPO Size

Listing At


Listing Date

12 June 2023

Price Range

₹132 to ₹135 per share

Sahana System Limited" is engaged in the business of offering IT-related services. These include services like web app development, mobile application development, AI & ML development, ChatBot development, and product prototyping. Further, the company also offers graphics designing, UI / UX design, SEO & ASO, digital marketing, website & application migration, cyber security, and outsourcing of IT services.

Sahana System Limited IPO’s total issue size is ₹32.74 Crores

The company intends to utilize the proceeds of the issue to meet the following objects: ● To meet the working capital requirements ● Installation of EV charging Station ● General Corporate Purposes ● To meet the issue expenses

Sahana System Limited IPO lot size is 1000 shares.

The allotment date of  Sahana System IPO  is set for 7th June, 2023 

Unistone Capital Pvt Ltd and Interactive Financial Services Ltd is the book runner