By Sachin Gupta

Published On: 23-Nov-2023

Power Grid Corporation of India

 Power Grid Corp plans to invest Rs 1.43 bn in augmentation of transformation capacity at Maheshwaram (PG) substation in Telangana. The company also plans a Rs 2.24 bn investment in a transmission system for power evacuation from a potential Renewable Energy zone in Khavda, Gujarat.

InterGlobe Aviation (IndiGo)

 The tax authorities demanded significant amounts for the years 2016-17 (Rs 7,396.76 mn) and 2017-18 (Rs 9,270.31 mn).  The company appealed to the Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT-Appeal), but the CIT-Appeal confirmed the revision to taxable income without a personal hearing. The company will contest the same and will take appropriate legal remedies.  

Sunita Tools

Sunita Tools has received the contract for different kind of mould base totaling to approx Rs 3.54 cr.

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