∙Net profit was up 10% YoY at Rs 5,864 cr. ∙NII grew by 19% YoY at Rs 12,315 cr ∙NIM stood at 4.11% up 15 bps YoY. ∙GNPA stood at 1.73%, down from 2.5% in the same quarter last year.   ∙Net NPA stood at 0.36%, improving from 0.51% on YoY basis.   ∙Recoveries from written off accounts for the quarter was Rs 664 cr. 

∙Consolidated net profit was down 26% YoY at Rs 97.20 cr. ∙Total revenue rose 5.15% YoY at Rs 13,68.63 cr. 

∙Net profit fell 61.6% YoY to Rs 494 cr. ∙Revenue fell 2% YoY at Rs 12,864 cr. ∙Company announced an interim dividend of Rs 12/share.

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