• Biocon has signed agreement to sell its Dermatology and Nephrology branded formulations business in India to Eris Lifesciences for Rs 366 cr. • The deal is expected to finalize by the end of November 2023.

    • Reported consolidated net loss of Rs 238.1 cr, down from a profit of Rs 12.1 cr last year.    • Revenue decreased by 1.5% YoY to Rs 5,125.3 cr.    • EBITDA loss increased to Rs 387.7 cr from Rs 243.9 crores last year.

    • Consolidate net profit increased by 9% YoY to Rs 1,017 cr.    • Revenue rose by 9% YoY to Rs 15,442 cr.    • EBITDA surged by 51% YoY to Rs 3,087 cr.

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