Top 5 Tips to Maximize Returns from SIP

Published : 9 June 2023

The earlier you start investing, the higher is the benefit that you can get with your investment over the period of time.

Review Fund Performance:

Before making a choice, consider the returns over the course of at least a few years.

Increase your SIP Every Year:

Increasing your SIP Every Year gives a better return than the regular SIP due to the compounding effect on the increased invested amount.

Embracing the Volatility:

When the market declines, investors shouldn't stop their SIP investments; instead, they should continue them as well as make lump-sum or top-up investments to increase their returns. A market correction presents an opportunity to invest because stocks are more affordable at this time.

Using SWP instead of removing all your investments at once:

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) allows the investor to meet their regular needs, it also enables an investor to stay invested in the plan for a longer period of time so they can benefit from the compounding interest on their initial investment.