Top Reasons for Fall in Market.

Published : 25 October 2023

By : Sachin Gupta

On October 25, equity benchmark indices lost all of their gains and started to decline at noon in tumultuous trading. The NSE Nifty50 shed 41 points to 19,238 and the BSE Sensex dropped 150 points to 64,428.

Reason 1: Rising tensions due to Israel-Hamas War

Investors are keeping a close eye on the Middle East for trade activity among foreign investors as a result of the Israel-Hamas war.

Reason 2: Rise in 10-year US Treasury yield

The likelihood of another rate hike has driven up US 10-year Treasury yields to a level that is almost 16 years high. The uncertainty surrounding US interest rates in the future is the main cause of this. Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) frequently sell their holdings in emerging market equities and move their money to US Treasuries in these circumstances. 

Reason 3: Strong US Dollar

US dollar index remained above 106 for last one week

Reason 4: Q2FY2024 Results are below expectations

The results posted by the Indian companies for Q2 FY2024 are below expectations.