What is an IPO (Initial Public Offering) Roadshow?

Published : 9 May 2023

What is IPO Roadshow? 

IPO roadshow is a marketing event where the company and its underwriters (investment banks) meet with potential investors to raise interest in the IPO and to describe the company's business model, finances, growth prospects, and the specifics of the offering.

Who is responsible for the roadshow in IPO? 

Investment banks underwriting the offering are typically in charge of a roadshow.

Elements of a Roadshow


1. Presentation

The company's management team typically gives a presentation during the roadshow.

2. On-on-one meetings

Individual meetings between company executives and prospective investors may also be part of the roadshow.

3. Location:

To reach a larger audience of potential investors, the roadshow may be held in several cities, both domestically and abroad.

4. Timing

The roadshow, which usually occurs in the weeks prior to the IPO, aims to raise awareness of the offering and increase momentum for the stock.

5. Promotion

The company may use a variety of marketing channels, such as email campaigns, social media platforms, and traditional media outlets.

6. Financial data

Businesses typically present comprehensive financial data, including historical financial statements, projections, and other important metrics.

7.Legal disclosures

The company give legal disclosures, such as details about the IPO's risks and uncertainties and the company's operations.

8. Feedback

Companies have the chance to receive feedback from potential investors during the roadshow, which can help them improve their messaging and IPO strategy.