Why September is Special Month for Indian Stock Markets?

Published : 4 September 2023

Nifty 5 years

In the last 5 years, during the month of September, Nifty has given significant amount of returns.

Nifty 5 years

Nifty 50



Sept 2018


900 Points


Sept 2019

1000 Points


Sept 2020

800 Points


Sept 2021

900 Points


Sept 2022

1300 Points

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What is expected for Nifty this September?

Outlook for Global markets in Sept-2023

The US Federal Reserve is anticipated to maintain interest rates despite the nation's gloomy economic indicators. The expectation of no more rate increases is anticipated to drag down US Treasury yields and eventually weaken the US dollar.

Outlook for Equities market in Sept-2023

The Indian stock market's short-term outlook is still gloomy. The environment will be greatly influenced by inflation figures. A high CPI print will put the market at risk. Interest rates are projected to remain unchanged by the US Fed, which will be good for the equities markets. 

Outlook for Gold in Sept-2023

Domestic gold prices could increase due to festive demand and currency weakening. For the month of September, gold prices on the MCX are predicted to range between Rs.58,500 and Rs.60,400.

Outlook for rupee in Sept-2023

According to the recent US economic data, there is doubt that inflation will reach the target level of 2% and that labor market conditions have begun to deteriorate. These external factors like, the uncertainty around Fed rate hikes and the sluggish economic growth in China will continue to depreciate rupee.