These stocks witness a huge volume burst in the last leg of the trading session!

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Last Updated: 12th December 2022 - 12:57 pm

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Eris Lifesciences, Hathway, and Indiabulls Real Estate have witnessed volume burst in the last 75 minutes of the trade.

As the saying goes, the first, as well as the last hour of each trading session, is the most important and active in terms of price & volume.

More so, the activity in the last hour is said to be of utmost importance because most of the pro-traders and institutions are active at this time. Hence, when a stock sees a good spike in volume in the last leg of the trade along with price rise, it is considered a pro, and institutions have a keen interest in the stock. Market participants should keep a close watch on these stocks as they can witness good momentum in the short to medium-term.     

So, based on this principle, we have shortlisted three stocks that have witnessed volume burst in the last leg of the trade along with price rise.

Eris Lifesciences: The stock surged about 2.22% on Friday. It traded in negative for most of the time but saw a dramatic recovery from its day’s low to rise by about 3.5% in the last of the trade. During this period, the stock recorded nearly 50% of the day’s volume. Moreover, the volume was found to be greater than the 10-day, 30-day, and 50-day average volume. With such high trading activity, the stock is expected to be volatile with a positive bias for upcoming days.

Hathway: The stock jumped over 9% on Friday. It gained momentum throughout the day and volumes continued to build. It surged nearly 5% in the last hour and recorded huge volume during the process. Thus, it is expected that the stock shall be on the trader’s radar for a few more days.

Indiabulls Real Estate: The stock skyrocketed over 10.45% and closed at the day’s high. The stock received strong buying interest right from the start, and towards the end, it gained about 5.5%. Interestingly, today’s volume was found to be over three times the previous day’s volume, demonstrating strong trading activity. With strong technical, and volume, the stock is likely to be in trend for next week.

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