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PF Form 19 has to be submitted when a participant wants to go for the closing of his/her PF account. Only workers without a Universal Account Number (UAN) are subject to it. The member just needs to provide their PF account number while filing PF Form No. 19 without a UAN. To request a final settlement of the PF account or to get pension withdrawal benefits, utilise this form.

This article will discuss every aspect of PF Form 19, what it is, how to fill it, and more. So, read till the end. 

What Is PF Form 19?

PF Form 19 is essential documentation that needs to be filled and submitted when an employee seeks the full and final settlement of their EPF account. If you’re an employee without any UAN (Universal Account Number), you will be eligible to fill out this form. 

You can file Form 19 without a UAN; all you’ll need is to highlight your PF account number. If you want to opt for pension withdrawal benefits or make a claim settlement of your EPF account, this form will become essential for you. You’ll find different types of PF withdrawal forms available, each designed for a specific purpose. 

Here is a table of the various types of PF forms, each mentioned with the purpose they serve: 

Form 5

Newly hired employees registering for Provident Fund

Form 2

Nomination and declaration form

Form 10D

Pension withdrawal application post-retirement

Form 10C

Pension withdrawal

Form 13

Transfer of EPF account

Form 11

EPF account automated transfer

Form 19

EPF withdrawal

Form 14

Withdrawal to pay LIC Policy premiums

Form 20

EPF withdrawal in the event of the member’s demise

Form 51F

Insurance claim in the event of the member’s death

Form 31



Who Should Fill PF Form 19?

Employees with a PF account can complete and submit the EPF Form 19. You should only fill out this form if you want to withdraw the EPF amount when leaving your job or retiring. 

Moreover, if you are an employee who just quit their job, you will need to show an unemployment record for a minimum of two months to make a withdrawal using this form. 

Nevertheless, if you switch jobs from one company to another, your PF balance will be shifted from the last account to the current one made by your present employer. 

Whenever you want to take money out of your EPF as a final settlement, you need to fill out EPF Form 19. The form also can obtain a PF non-refundable advance and withdraw pension contributions. 

The first two alternatives are available for use when leaving a job for retirement or any other reason. The final choice, however, can only be employed while in service if a specific set of requirements are met.


What Are The Details To Be Filled In PF Form 19?

Form 19 in PF is a lengthy form including two pages, and employees are needed to fill out these explicit details in the form: 

●    A linked bank account number along with the IFSC code (the account must be the one registered with your present employer)
●    Provident Fund account number 
●    PAN Card details 
●    PF Form 15G or 15H
●    Joining and leaving date of employment 

You’ll also have to fill in some other details, including your name, date of birth, father’s name, the address, and name of the establishment, reason for leaving service, full postal address, a preferred mode of payment (bank details/money order/cheque), and a revenue stamp worth INR 1.00. For bank account verification, you’ll have to submit a blank canceled cheque.  

How To Fill Form 19 For PF Withdrawal?

Here is a step-by-step guide to filling out PF withdrawal form 19 successfully: 

●    Step 1: Go to the EPF Member Portal by clicking here. 
●    Step 2: Sign in to the portal by entering the UAN, captcha, and password.
●    Step 3: Navigate and find the ‘Online Services section. Then, choose the option ‘Claim Form - 31, 19, 10C, and 10D.’
●    Step 4: If you go to the page, you’ll find an auto-filled form displaying your name, contact number, date of birth, husband/father’s name, KYC details, and employment status.
●    Step 5: Enter the text box, input the last four digits of your linked bank account number, and verify the details. Hit the ‘Verify’ button to start the verification and determine whether you’re an authentic and authorized account owner. 
●    Step 6: Once the verification is done successfully, fill out the details like DOE (Date of Ending) EPS and EPF accounts. Plus, outline the reason why you’re leaving. 
●    Step 7: To sign the ‘Certificate of Undertaking,’ choose ‘Yes.’ 
●    Step 8: Go to the ‘I want to apply for’ section, navigate the drop-down menu, and select the ‘Only PF Withdrawal (Form 19)’ option.
●    Step 9: Fill out the complete postal address, choose the disclaimer, and finally tap on the ‘Get Aadhaar OTP’ button. 
●    Step 10: You’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Input the OTP as and where required.
●    Step 11: Click on ‘Submit.’ Once submitted successfully, your screen will display a reference number. 
●    Step 12: The withdrawn amount will be deposited into your linked bank account. 

Prerequisites of Filling Form 19

Before applying for PF withdrawal form 19, one must meet specific requirements. These prerequisites are as follows: 

●    Consider the activation status of your UAN. Go to the EPF Member portal and activate your UAN. 
●    Now, link your UAN with your PAN and bank account. 
●    Also, consider linking your UAN with your registered mobile number. 
●    See whether you’re eligible for a full and final settlement. If not, you won’t see the form displayed on the screen. 
●    You can only fill out and submit this form if you’re retired or have been unemployed for two months or more. 
●    When it comes to claiming settlement, PAN becomes a mandatory document. 
●    Also, it is mandatory to submit your mobile number for final settlement. 

Benefits of PF Form 19

Under PF form 19, the online procedure of claims settlement of PF withdrawal doesn’t involve the need for the employer’s attestation. 

Moreover, once you fill out the online application, you’ll only have to wait for up to five days for the PF claims to be processed. It’s imperative to know that your Aadhaar number must be linked with your UAN. 

Thanks to the unified portal, you can withdraw PF seamlessly. Plus, a solo-page composite claim form immerses you into the further step of e-governance, enabling efficient and transparent public services for the members. 

Limitations of PF Form 19

Although employer attestation isn’t needed anymore by an employee to make their PF withdrawal, the full and final settlement only happens when their employer confirms and updates their leave date. 

If not confirmed or updated, the EPFO will assume that you’re still employed under the same employer, which can affect and slow down the withdrawal procedure. 

In such circumstances, the employee can only access Form 31. This form is best designed for advance refunds. The employees must ensure their employer updates the end date of the employment term. 

Nevertheless, the employee can visit the UAN website and update their exit date without the employer’s need only when it’s been two months or more after leaving the job. 

How To Check The Claim Status

Checking the claim settlement status for your PF withdrawal is no big hassle. All you have to do is follow these steps: 

●    Visit the official website of the EPFO Unified portal. Input all mandatory details, like the Captcha, UAN number, and password, for a successful login. 
●    Subsequently, navigate and find the ‘Online Services menu. Under this menu, select the option ‘Track Claim Status.’
●    Now you can enjoy a complete view of the claim status on your screen. 

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