Mobile Trading App


Open an online trading Account with ease! Trade in stock markets on the go. Get Live Stock prices, advance charting and stock ideas, all from the convenience of your Mobile phone!

  1. Trade in Equity, F&O and Currencies

    Stuck in traffic? You can still buy and sell stocks at the touch of your fingertips!

    • Multi-asset Watchlist

      Create your own watchlist and keep a track of your investments.

    • Instant Fund Transfer

      Enter your bank details and transfer funds within minutes.

    • Manage your account

      Keep track of your holdings, PnL, net position and margin with detailed order book/ trade book.

    • Quick Order Execution

      The Quick order allows a user to place intraday and delivery orders at lightning speed with least inputs to be added

  1. Trade in Mutual Funds

    Invest in mutual funds through our robo-advisory platform.

    • 100% automated portfolio based investment solution

      Our advanced rule engine scans through thousands of mutual funds and recommends the best mutual fund schemes considering multiple factors like fund performance, asset size, fund composition, fund manager performance, ratios and individual preferences.

    • Portfolio based approach

      We strongly feel that investing in a portfolio of funds is far better approach than going for a single fund. Portfolio diversifies risk, gives an opportunity to balance the asset in debt and equity and also helps to achieve superior returns over a longer time frame.

    • Personalised mutual fund advisory

      The Auto Investor understands customer behaviour, risk appetite, individual preference, time horizon and multiple other factors which helps us provide a truly personalised portfolio for you.

    • Hassle-free investments

      We do a lot of complex stuff at the back-end to give you a simple and easy interface, paperless account opening and advanced mobile app.

    • Track your SIPs

      Stay updated! Keep a track of your ongoing SIPs and their performance.

    • Invest in top mutual funds

      We have tied-up with more than 30 top Asset Management Companies. You can choose from a wide basket of best performing mutual funds.

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