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What is advanced research?


Legendary US investor & author William J. O'Neil did a comprehensive study of the greatest winning stocks spanning the past 125 years. He then put together a set of common characteristics to these past market leaders and coined the term CAN SLIM. Each letter stands for one of the seven chief characteristics of these greatest winning stocks

  • C


  • A


  • N

    The New

  • S

    Supply &

  • L

    Leader or

  • I


  • M


Current Quarterly Earnings

- Look for stocks with big earnings in their latest reported period. The bigger, the better.

Annual Earnings Growth

- You want to see annual earnings growth of at least 25% for each of the last 3 years.

New Product, Service, Management/Price High

- The biggest CAN SLIM winners had something NEW! New products, new services, new leadership, new price high or a new condition in the industry.

Supply and Demand

- One of the most basic economic principles is the law of supply and demand which is most sharply demonstrated in the stock market.

Leader or Laggard

- True leaders are those companies showing the best earnings growth, strongest sales, superior price performance and are in LEADING industry groups.

Institutional Sponsorship

- Mutual funds, banks, and other professional investors are the big players that drive the market.

Market Direction

- Study shows 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market's trend, so you always want to trade in sync with the market.

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This feature is provided in partnership with Marketsmith India, a Research & advisory company founded by legendary US investor & author William J. O'Neil.

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