Margin Funding Authorization


  • I/we am / are interested in activating my/our account for avail margin trading facility with 5paisa Capital Limited. I/we hereby authorize you to activate my/our account for the above mentioned facility as per my consent.
  • I/we agree and understand to the terms and conditions of Margin Trading Facility provided by 5paisa Capital Limited. I/we do hereby agree to be bind by such provisions as outlined in these documents and act in accordance with the same while availing the margin trading facility. I/we hereby undertake to refer to the updated policies and procedure as posted on 5paisa website and abide by the same.
  • I/we confirm and agree to receive all the communication such as confirmation of orders/trades, margin calls, decisions/calls to liquidate the collateral/ positions / security on my registered email address or registered mobile number provided with 5paisa Capital Limited send electronically by 5paisa Capital Limited.
  • I/we hereby agree to that the margin facility shall carry interest at 18 % per annum payable monthly.
  • I/we understand that by availing the facility to trade under Margin Trading, i/we authorize 5paisa Capital Limited to treat all my/our trade in group I securities, which are not covered by 100 % margin (i.e Cash in ledger) as trades under Margin Trading Facility and accordingly i/we authorize 5paisa capital limited to report all such trades to the exchange(s) on next day as Margin Trading Trades.
  • I/we understand and acknowledge that 5paisa Capital Limited would consider entire clear ledger credit balance in normal trading ledger for adjustment against the margin trading facility trades (Ledger) and would levy the interest on the net debit balance in the MTF Ledger.