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Fundamental Analysis Course: Learn Fundamental Analysis Online

Fundamental Analysis Course - Beginners Module

13Chapters 3:15Hours

Many investors buy and hold stocks because they believe in long-term investing. So, fundamental analysis of a corporation is the process of gaining a basic grasp of how a business operates at the financial level. In other words, it aids investors in comprehending the fundamental concept around which the firm is founded. It's also a technique for investors to spot organisations that are fundamentally sound and invest in them for the long term. This is accomplished by examining a variety of fundamental indicators and factors. MORE

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fundamental analysis

This is a well-designed course that lays the groundwork for understanding Fundamental Analysis. The course is scientifically intended to assist participants learn essential capital market concepts and terminologies and how to apply them to stock investing. The backbone of investment is fundamental analysis. To forecast a company’s future performance, fundamental analysts examine the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.The purpose of this curriculum is to teach you how to read and analyse a balance sheet and an income statement together.


  • Understanding Balance sheet

  • Understanding Financial Statements

  • Understanding Valuations of company

  • Higher Risk Appetite

  • Knowing the Real Value of a Company




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  • Working Of A Depository Receipt
  • Two Types Of Depository Receipts