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Technical Analysis Course

11Chapters 2:45Hours

If someone says they can predit price movements,will you beileve them? Seems quite unrealistic but it is actually not. Techincal analysis is a science that uses historical data of the price and volume of a specific stock to predict price movements. This course simplifies the pratical use of techincal analysis for beginners who are looking to start taking decisions of their own before using techincal analysis. The course is going to help an absolute beginner who wants to start taking decisions,prediciting price movements. It will also help an intermediate investor who knows about techincal charting but wants to improve his knowledge around how to invest. MORE

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Technical Analysis

If you actively follow business channels you might have come across words like Support, Resistance, Retracement and many more. The words seem to be difficult to understand but are actually they are very easy to understand if you try to understand the meaning of these terms. The course will be an absolute helper to a beginners who is looking to understand the concepts related to technical analysis and would also useful for learners from a non-finance background.

  • Get a Basic Understanding what is Technical Analysis 
  • Learn How Are Charting Is done
  • Learn How to Use Technical Analysis to Predict Price Movements.


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