Finschool By 5paisa

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A request to stop a payment before it has been processed, such as by cancelling a cheque before it has been deposited, is known as a stop payment.

A stop payment may be requested for a variety of reasons, such as the cancellation of orders for products or services or the mistaken amount being written on a cheque by an individual.

The owner of the bank account frequently incurs charges for the service of issuing a stop payment order. If the bank is unable to locate the cheque or payment, the stop payment request may become invalid.

An account holder typically gives the bank precise information regarding a cheque that is being processed to seek a halt payment, for example, check cheque # 6524 for RS 5000 made payable to the XYZ Agency.

The bank would then flag the cheque and stop it from clearing the account, which is the ideal case. Although policies vary among banks, if a bank cannot find the cheque, it will frequently keep looking for it for another six months. Some banks allow customers to seek an extension or refresh of the stop payment verbally or in writing.

Additional steps for safeguarding cheque and personal financial information generally are becoming more commonplace in addition to making specific stop payments. If an account holder is concerned about error or fraud, this protection is crucial.

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