How to Earn 1000 per day from the share market?

Published : 23 November 2023

How to Earn 1000 per day from the share market ?

Intraday trading is the way to go if you want to make money everyday. Intraday trading involves buying and selling stocks on the same day. Buying stocks should not be considered an investment, but rather a way to profit from price movements in the stock market.

How does Intraday trading work?

The trader may purchase and resell the stock the same day, or he may sell and then purchase it the following day. Intraday trading does not result in delivery since, the net position is zero. Therefore, your Demat account is unaffected by intraday trading.

Choose highly liquid stocks

One of the most important aspects of intraday stocks is liquidity, as a transaction would not be feasible without it. Small- and mid-cap firms' equity shares are easily purchased and sold, yet they are also quite volatile owing to changes in the market.  

Trade in High volume stocks

To spot price swings, intraday investors might monitor a certain security's trade volume index. Increasing transaction volume might indicate either oversupply or excessive demand, based on the success of the underlying firm. In these situations, profits on capital appreciation can be realized through both purchases and sales. 

Control your emotions

Traders are often influenced by emotions such as fear and greed. It would be ideal if you could consider these psychological factors while choosing which trades to make. They can make traders bite off more than they can chew, which is never a smart choice. As an intraday trader, you should constantly be aware of the limitations and try to abide by them.

Maintain entry and exit points

Take into account the entry point and price target of the portfolio before putting in a purchase order. The cost at which it is fairly priced after taking into account its historical and anticipated earnings is known as the price goal. It's a great time to invest if the company is selling below its target price since you will earn if it hits or exceeds the target price.

Set stop loss

For intraday traders who do not wish to suffer large losses, stop losses are important. Decide on a stop-loss order based on your objective. Set your stop-loss at 1% as a beginner. 

Top indicators for intraday trading

In order to improve their chances of success and make well-informed judgments, traders depend on a variety of top indicators for intraday trading. The relative strength index (RSI), moving averages, stochastic oscillator, Bollinger Bands, and volume are a few of the strongest intraday indicators.