What are 4 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Intraday Trading

Published : 8 May 2023

Stock prices fluctuate within price ranges, with a support at the lower end and a resistance at the upper end. A share's value typically increases when it is close to its support price, while it typically decreases when it is close to its resistance price.

Determine Support and Resistance 

In order to stop further losses, you should sell your shares at a stop-loss price. A price below the level of support where further loss is likely should be set for this.

Choose exit points

Making the right choices in trading requires constant monitoring and considering every development into consideration. The plan must be flexible and adaptable.

Expected return 

Expert traders advise exposing a trade at most 1-2 times their capital. Losses can be minimized in this way. However, higher volumes can be bought and sold if one is confident in the prospects of trade.

Amount to buy