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Currency Derivatives Course

6Chapters 1:30Hours

Everyone gets facinated when he/she hears the word forex or currnecy trading and starts to feel something really complicated. But actaully its really simple and can be understoood by anyone. This course simplifies investing in the currencies and how can one reduce the risks associated with currency movement using derivatives. The course is going to help an absolute beginner who wants to start investing, intermediate investor who knows about investing but wants to improve his knowledge around how to invest. MORE

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Currency Basic Course

You might have come across jargons like Currency Pair, Appreciation/Depreciation, Two Way Quotes, Cross Rates, Hedgers and so many more. The concepts seem to be difficult to understand but are actually very easy to understand if you try to relate it to practical  examples. The course will be helpful for beginners looking understand concepts related to currency markets and would also useful for learners from a non-finance background.

  • Get a Basic Understanding of how Currency Market Has evolved
  • Why & How Should One Should use Currency Derivatives
  • Money Management Skills
  • Risk Management Using Currency Derivatives


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  • Working Of A Depository Receipt
  • Two Types Of Depository Receipts