Finschool By 5paisa

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Buy the dips

buy the dips

Buying the dips is the recurring act of going long for an asset or security after a temporary decrease in price.

In long-term uptrends, buying the dips can be advantageous; yet, during secular downtrends, it might be unprofitable or more difficult.

The average cost of holding a position can be reduced by dip purchasing, but the risk and reward of dip buying should always be considered.

Investors and traders frequently hear the advice to “buy the dips” after an asset’s price has fallen temporarily. Some traders and investors regard the period after an asset’s price declines from a higher level as a favourable opportunity to add to their positions. The notion of price waves serves as the foundation for the idea of purchasing dips. Investors that purchase an asset during a decline do so at a discount in the anticipation of a profit if the market recovers.

Buying the dips can be done in a variety of situations, each with a different chance of being profitable. If an asset declines during an otherwise long-term upswing, some traders refer to this as “buying the dips.” They anticipate an upsurge following the decline.

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