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What are NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers?

By News Canvass | Dec 14, 2021

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) captures the top gainers and losers under various categories on a real time basis. The gainers and losers are with reference to the previous close price and are expressed in absolute terms and in percentage terms. The gainers are indexed descending from top gainer to least gainer. Similarly, the losers are indexed ascending from the top loser to the least loser. Consider the NSE snapshot below:

The table above can be accessed from the home page of the NSE where a snapshot of the Nifty gainers and the losers is provided. The gainers and losers can be toggled and accessed by just clicking a button.

Break up of Nifty gainers and losers

To give a fair comparison of the gainers and losers, the NSE provides sub-classification of these gainers and losers. One can do an index based search filter of gainers and losers and opt to see the top gainers and losers of the Nifty 50 index stocks or the next 50 mid-sized stocks. Similarly, gainers and losers can also be filtered based on their price. You can either filter for stocks over Rs.20 or filter for penny stocks under Rs.20. There is also a filter available to distil only the F&O stocks since there are no circuit filters on such stocks and this ranking can also provide important cues for futures and options traders

How to use the Nifty top gainers and losers list?

While the top gainers and losers give a quick snapshot of which stocks are doing well, there are more ways traders and investors can use this listing intelligently.

The gainers and losers give you a very quick view of stocks that have shown the maximum positive momentum or the most negative momentum in the markets. These can be important triggers for structuring your trades or even get finer ratification from the technical charts.

Normally, gainers are never looked at in isolation but in conjunction with the volumes. Any gain or loss supported by a spurt in volumes is more indicative and represents a sharper and deeper trend. That is useful for a trader because it is a signal that the movement is more reliable.

Gainers and losers provide a mirror for the key news items you may have missed out. The gainers and losers often act as lead indicators of the market news flows. In the past, we have seen stocks like Zee, RCOM, Dewan Housing and Vakrangee being in the top losers, providing a trigger to delve deeper into the news.

Gainers and losers on the NSE are captured on a real time basis. However, one can also filter gainers and losers over longer time frames like weekly gainers, monthly gainers or yearly gainers. These can give a better sense of long term direction.

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