∙Consolidated net profit was up 1.18% YoY at Rs 359.18 cr. ∙Total revenue was up 11.02% YoY at Rs 3734.78 cr. ∙EBITDA stood at Rs 537 cr up 23.8% YoY. 

∙Consolidated net profit was up 8% YoY at Rs 173 cr. ∙Revenue fell by 0.92% YoY at Rs 1179 cr. ∙EBITDA increased 22% YoY to Rs 289 cr.

∙Consolidated net profit was down 37.50% YoY at Rs 1,340.7 cr. ∙Revenue stood at Rs 37,043.8 cr, up 7.28% YoY. ∙EBITDA came in at Rs 19,665 cr, up 10.96% YoY. ∙EBITDA margin contracted 20 basis points to 53.1%.

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