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What is a Demat Account?

A Demat account (short for Dematerialized account) is similar to a bank account – it is used to hold investments in an electronic form. An online Demat account may be used to hold shares or stocks, mutual funds, government securities, ETFs, and bonds.

In short, it is a tool that maximises your wealth & safekeeping; Demat accounts simplify and accelerate share trading procedures. Besides, it also mitigates challenges and risks one may experience with physical share certificates.
So, are you planning to invest in the share market? If yes, it has now become mandatory to open online Demat accounts. 

Back then, shares used to be held in traditional forms through share certificates. But today, the whole process made sharing trading difficult. 

In short, dematerialisation is the process that converts the physical share certificates and transforms them into an electrical form. Demat stands for dematerialisation since investors need to hold these shares & security on virtual platforms. Shares are converted directly into digital format. Then, they are stored in the Demat accounts. 

Its prime objective is to ensure investors do not require having physical shares. It also ensures that they can trade & invest in real-time virtually in their account.

One of the most significant benefits of these accounts is to help users refrain from problems associated with conventional share certificates. Besides, it eliminates risks with forgoing share certificates. In these accounts, it is convenient and easy to hold securities. There's no stamp duty paid on the shares' transfer. It also reduces risks associated with delayed settlement. Lastly, they are budget-friendly and lessen transaction fees.

How to open a Demat Account?

The procedure to open a Demat account just got super simple. You can now open a Demat account in 4 easy steps with the 5paisa app!

  • Download the 5paisa app from Apple Store or Google Playstore.
  • Select the 'Open Demat Account' Option.
  • 5paisa executives will contact you and guide you through the account opening process.
  • Submit the required documents, verify your KYC.

Documents Required to open Demat account

In the digitalised landscape of this 21st century, the conventional process of submitting paper forms is time-consuming. Let's be frank – customers now get a chance to online Demat account open without undergoing any cumbersome filing process. They simply need to agree to the eKYC from the digital brokerages. Later on, the data gets verified using the applicant's Aadhar card by 5paisa. So, the entire process is paperless. If you want to opt for a Demat account, you need important documents. 

For Individuals, documents required include:

  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof (Aadhaar Card preferred)
  • Proof of Bank Details
  • Income Proof (For derivatives & currency segment)
  • Signature (on blank white paper)

Get the entire list of account opening documents with 5paisa.

Note: If bank verification fails, bank proof is mandatory to submit.

As a shareholder or investor, you can hold shares electronically. There are governments who have already approved the documents you need for a Demat account. Remember, you may select from various options as ID proof or address proof. You may upload scanned copies of the documents with a few brokers to the account opening portal.

Why open Demat Account with 5paisa?

With the 5paisa app, you can now open a free Demat Account from the comforts of your home. 5paisa takes 0% brokerage fee. Besides being the best free Demat Account in the market, it has a simple interface that is very easy to use. All transactions are paperless. You also get regular updates on the hottest investment opportunities available in the market.

At 5paisa, we help you with online Demat account opening with single accounts for all your trading and investment requirements. Here are a few offers we bring on offer:

●    Seamless and smooth orders with an easy switch 
●    A speedy onboarding process to set up your Demat account with your Aadhaar, eKYC, and PAN
●    Search stocks using filters with the most current updates and news to make an informed decision
●    Speedy and easy accessibility with a mobile number from Android, iOS, or web platforms 

Our users say that we are a pioneer in trading applications. We manage to provide them with an intuitive and excellent user interface. Our clients are happy with our reliable application for effective trading.

We follow a simple Demat account opening online process. You simply have to follow these intricacies:

●    Submit your PAN & Aadhar card
●    Verify your bank details
●    Give your electronic signature

Want to opt for a Demat account open online process? Our speedy approach takes only a few hours. We let you track the market movements in real time. If you choose us, you can easily track market volatility live. You do not need any other software solution to monitor your losses and profits. 5paisa offers a tech-driven software solution. We understand the importance of continuous innovation & improvement in advancing technologies, so we make your process user-friendly.

With a single Demat account, we allow you to hold each investment in a safe place. Manage your funds & monitor your stocks accordingly. We also let you buy & sell investments within a fraction of a second.

Our main USP is that we provide different investing options. So, you can access different digital trading opportunities such as IPOs, stocks, mutual funds, and more. Avail all of them through the Demat account. Lastly, we have pocket-friendly and transparent pricing. 

We don't charge you anything for creating a 5paisa Demat account. A few brokerages might charge an annual fee, but there aren't any annual fees charged. So, you can easily opt for a free Demat account opening with us at your earliest. Considering the brokerage charges, 5paisa wants 20 rupees / executed order brokerage for the stock trading. 

For mutual funds, it needs 10 rupees / executed order brokerage. And lastly, 5paisa charges Rs 300 yearly for Demat transaction fees. So, the entire process is pretty budget-friendly.

Open a free Demat Account with the 5paisa app today to start trading and generating wealth!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Demat Account is one of the basic requirements to trade online. A Demat Account allows investors to convert physical shares into the dematerialized format and hold them in electronic form. Apart from shares, the Demat Account can also hold bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, gold bonds, and other similar assets with a unique ISIN number.

There is 0 account opening charges with your Demat Account and your Mutual Fund Account. Please check the rest of the charges here

If you are opening an online A/c with us, then once your documents are successfully verified and e-Sign is done, your A/c will be activated within 1 hour. You would receive a welcome email to your registered email id once your account is activated.

Demat or Dematerialization is the procedure of converting physical copies of shares and certificates into digital copies.

You can open All-in-one Investment Account. This is the right choice for you if you wish to invest in stocks directly as well as invest in mutual funds. You get a Trading A/c + Mutual Funds + Demat A/c. You can also open Only Mutual A/c, if you wish to invest only in Mutual Funds.

Anyone can open a demat account with 5paisa – Individual, Corporate, Partnership Firm, Trust, HUF or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).

Yes, Demat account can be transferred from one Depository Participant to another. For this, you need to submit the closure or transfer request by sending us an email at

No, Demat account is not needed for Mutual Fund investments of any kind including SIP. It is compulsory only for trading in stock market.

It is advisable to get the allotment of an IPO in demat form as the shares issued are tradable only in the demat form. However, an investor has the option to apply and receive the shares in physical form. In any case, for all IPO of any security of issue size of Rs. 10 crore or more, issues have to be compulsorily be only in dematerialized form.

Yes, a Demat account can be opened in single or joint names. A maximum of 3 names can be added in the joint Demat account- 1 main holder and 2 joint holders.

No, you may check the mobile platforms for free before you open Demat accounts. Note that there are no fees required for using the trading software. But there are brokerage charges involved for the mutual fund, Demat transactions, and stock trading.

The brokerage cost of trading in Futures and Options is cost-effective. For Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity Futures, it is Rs 20 per executed order for each. Also, for Equity Options and Currency Options, the price is Rs 20 per executed order for each.

The brokerage price of trading in Equities is Rs. 20 per order or 0.05% (the one which is low). It goes appropriate for both sell and buys orders when an investor buys & sells stocks on that particular day. It is better known as equities intraday order.

Pledging is the method that allows investors to use shares in the Demat account to avail of margin benefits. By pledging shares in favour of 5paisa, one gets the collateral margin. They can use it for trading in different segments.

 Intraday traders should learn about square-off charges. Such a trader's open positions must square off before the market is closed for trading. If it does not occur, a broker can charge the investor due to this reason. The charges are better known as square-off charges.

A facility allowing investors to trade in the share market is better popular than Call & Trade. This is the time when the computer is not accessible. It is especially for digital share trading customers. Call & trade charges are usually around Rs. 50 plus 18% of GST. This charge gets levied when the intraday positions aren't closed before a square-off time.

 BTST simply stands for Buy today, sell tomorrow. Simply put, BTST trades or orders are the ones where investors or traders can take advantage of short-term volatility. They simply buy today and sell tomorrow. Under this service, investors can sell shares they bought before getting delivered to the Demat account or credited into it.

Offer for sale, aka OFS, is the simple method where promoters in public companies sell shares & reduce holdings transparently via the bidding platform for Exchange. On the contrary, the buyback is when the corporation buys its shares in a share market. Repurchasing will reduce the total outstanding shares and inflates earnings as per the share. It is often called the value of the stock. Retail purchasers wishing to invest via OFS will benefit from a maximum 5% rebate.

Want to know how to open Demat account in India? Well, you must follow the given steps:
Step 1: Download the 5paisa app from the PlayStore or Apple Store
Step 2: Choose the option that mentions Open Demat Account
Step 3: 5paisa executives now contact the trader & guide you through the procedure
Step 4: Lastly, you need to submit the required documents & verify the KYC.

Demat accounts eliminate the inconvenience and time-consuming procedure of selling or purchasing shares via paperwork. And when it comes to the best online Demat account in India, it is none other than 5paisa.
With a 5paisa Demat account, investors can easily trade stocks, futures, and mutual funds, using one digital account. The software solution helps traders make a more seamless and smarter investment decision. The Demat account is paperless, gets real-time updates, and allows selling or buying digital gold. No commissions are included; you can trade from anywhere, anytime.

5paisa doesn't charge additional for account opening & annual account maintenance. Thus, 5paisa happens to be a free Demat account. 5paisa charges fixed brokerage fees regardless of the trade value. The brokerage is 0.1% or Rs 20 per trade (the lower one) for equity delivery trades & Intraday, and F&O trades are 0.05% or Rs 20 per trade (the one that's lower).

 Creating a Demat account is a straightforward endeavour. All you need is to follow the given steps. So, to create a Demat account, follow these instructions:
● First things first, you must download the 5paisa app from the official store on your mobile app
● After this, you need to select 'Open Demat Account.'
● Now is the right time to wait for 5paisa executives to contact you for additional guidance
● Finally, you must submit your documents and verify the KYC accordingly.

If you want to create a Demat account on the 5paisa app, do not worry. You will not be charged because opening a Demat Account is absolutely free of cost. 5paisa takes 0% of the brokerage fee. In addition to being the most recognisable free Demat Account, it features an intuitive interface that you can use seamlessly.

Yes, you can have more than one Demat account. The SEBI, or Securities & Exchange Board of India, has governed the Indian securities market. Note that SEBI doesn't bar people from opening two or more Demat accounts.
Participating in & profiting from the volatile share market requires every investor to have at least one Demat account. So, investors should require creating this account to invest in mutual funds, futures, options, equities, and more.

After creating a 5paisa Demat account, you may get information about the account by logging in. You can know more about the balance by following these steps:
● Go to CDSL
● Demat account login via appropriate details
● Enter ten digit PAN number
● Enter 16 digits Demat number
● Enter DOB
● Complete the Captcha requirements
● Tap to generate the OTP

You will know your balance.

5paisa offers a free AMC. AMC stands for account maintenance charge.

You need to understand a few things to distinguish a trading account from a Demat account. Demat account holds securities and shares in digital modes. On the other hand, trading accounts offer the interface to sell and buy shares in this volatile stock market.

The best app to open a Demat account is 5paisa.

19. How to apply for a Demat account?
To open Demat account online free on 5paisa, you need the following documents:
•        PAN Card
•        Proof of Bank Details
•        Address Proof
•        Income Proof
•        Signature (on the blank white paper)
•        Account opening documents

Open Demat Account