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Jain Shikanji- Anubhav Jain Continues the Old Legacy

By News Canvass | Mar 21, 2023

Have you ever tried an alternative drink instead of Pepsi or Coca-Cola? These aerated or carbonated drinks might quench your thirst initially but is it really a healthy option? No, Not at all. Because it contains caffeine, sugar. India has many health drinks which are a good alternative and one of the cold refreshing drink is Jain Shikanji.

Since 1957 this brand has established a unique preposition for its products. In market there are lot of companies who have tried to copy the product name and the trust of consumers regarding the originality took a toll. But still Jain Shikanji has tried to maintain its identity strategically and have come back with a message that the original Jain Shikanji masala cannot be replaced with any other and that’s the secret for their fame.

Let us understand the success of Jain Shikanji.

The Beginning

  • Jain Shikanji was originally founded in the year 1957 by Late Shri Parmatma Sharan Ji and his wife Late Smt. Shakuntala Jain. The journey began from the very small town Of Modinagar in Delhi. Soon the taste of Shikanji masala had captured the market as the masala gives a refreshing energy to all its consumers and at the same time health is not compromised. The mouthwatering Jain Shikanji became famous in Delhi, Meerut, Roorkee and different areas.

Founder of Jain Shikanji and Journey

  • It is now 60 years and more for Jain Shikanji and the taste is still capturing the market throughout generations. The phenomenal quality masala gives iconic delicious taste. The product includes Tangy Zesty Sweet and Sour Shikanji’s. Jain Shikanji has lot of outlets in Modinagar. The first Jain Shikanji proprietor is Mr. Anubhav Jain. His family has a legacy in this business. His great grandfather Mr. Parmatma Sharan Ji started Jain Shikanji business. Anubhav continued it to expand this business.

What Exactly Jain Shikanji is?

  • The word Shikanji is taken from the word Shikanja.  The word Shikanja means wooden contraption used to press lemon. Shikanji is famous since the time of Mahabharata. The technique for making Shikanji is mentioned in the Mahabharata book. Shikanji is the Indian version of lemonade or lime juice. Shikanji is famous in Northern and Central India as well as Pakistan. The difference between Lemonade or Lemon Juice and Shikanji is for Lemon Juice only water, lemon juice and sugar is used along with some pinch of salt. Whereas the spices like black salt, roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder and ginger are added in case of Shikanji.
  • Shikanji is very famous in the Jain Community and when Shri Parmatma Sharan Ji founded it, they named it as Jain Shikanji as they belonged to Jain Family.  Shikanji is considered as one of the light, refreshing and citrus flavor drink because of the fragrance due to spices and mint. Simple yet delicious Shikanji gives a perfectly balanced lemonade. Shikanji is usually drank during summer to beat the intensity of the sun.

The Founder and CEO-Mr. Anubhav Jain

  • Mr. Anubhav Jain is the CEO and Co-founder of Jain Shikanji. He owns HBMB Foods Private Limited with his father and brother. Their family has been making Jain Shikanji for more than 80 years. The company HBMB was founded in the year 2017, which is headquartered in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. When Mr. Anubhav Jain freshly passed out from college he found that corporate world discredited his competency due to his business background. But Anubhav decided not to give up and this perseverance and desire drove him build up his own business named HBMB Food Products as a separate entity from the main brand.

Mr. Anubhav Jain Shark Tank Experience

Business Name

Jain Shikanji (HBMB Foods)


Anubhav Jain (co-founder)

Episode no.

Season 01 Episode 35


₹40 Lakhs for 8% Equity

Accepted Offer

₹40 Lakhs for 30% Equity


Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh and Ashneer Grover

  • Mr. Anubhav Jain requested 40 Lakhs for 8% equity but he had to accept 40 Lakhs for 30% equity and the money will be used for opening kiosks in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra. Also Anubhav wanted to make their lemonade beverage in metal cans to reach a wider market. But In Shark Tank Show the shares were offered for HBMB Foods and not the parent company Jain Shikanji. As most of the judges were worried about the family feud and the brand name ambiguity 3 of them stayed out and 4 judges i.e. Anupam Mittal, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh and Ashneer Grover agreed to invest ₹40 Lakhs for 30% Equity.

Net Worth Of Jain Shikanji

  • Jain Shikanji had a net worth of $ 2 million as of December 2022.

Products at Jain Shikanji

Apart from Shikanji masala they are selling, Aloo Papad, Instant Jain Shikanji, Jaljeera Masala, Aushdi Tea Masala and Sweet Imli Candy.

Jain Shikanji after Shark Tank Show

  • After Shark Tank Show, Jain Shikanji gained Pan India popularity and the brand has made huge success.  As India is a land of diverse climate conditions, lime is available throughout the year and because of its availability and affordability it is available throughout and Jain Shikanji has made summer drinks with help of Lime.  The benefits of drinking Jain Shikanji are
  1. It hydrates the body
  2. It helps in Digestion
  3. It is a Natural Coolant
  4. It boosts Nutrients
  5. It helps in weight loss
  • Now most of the products are out of stock after the show. This shows how much sales have gone up after Mr. Anubhav Jain appeared in the show. Their main focus is to change packaging of the instant lemonade masala.


  • So far the journey of Jain Shikanji has been a roller coaster. But after shark tank they have managed to scale up their business and have bought a clarity among the customers about the originality of the brand which was very important. Jain Shikanji has motto crazy about quality so let us hope that this refreshing coolant creates an extraordinary success story in future.
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