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As on 01 April, 2023 | 07:21 BSE: 540750 NSE: IEX

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Indian Energy Exchange Share Price

  • Over 1 Month -11.48%
  • Over 3 Month -8.61%
  • Over 6 Month -9.93%
  • Over 1 Year -43.06%

Indian Energy Exchange Key Statistics

P/E Ratio 37.6
PEG Ratio 4.5
Market Cap Cr 11,499
Price to Book Ratio 16.4
EPS 3.3
Dividend 0.8
Relative Strength Index 28.44
Money Flow Index 50.02
MACD Signal 0.05
Average True Range 4.6

Indian Energy Exchange Investment Rating

  • Master Rating:
  • Indian Energy Exchange has an operating revenue of Rs. 405.91 Cr. on a trailing 12-month basis. An annual revenue growth of 36% is outstanding, Pre-tax margin of 94% is great, ROE of 43% is exceptional. The stock from a technical standpoint is trading below to its key moving averages. It needs to take out these levels and stay above it to make any meaningful move. From an O'Neil Methodology perspective, the stock has an EPS Rank of 84 which is a GOOD score indicating consistency in earnings, a RS Rating of 31 which is POOR indicating the underperformance as compared to other stocks, Buyer Demand at C+ which is evident from recent supply seen, Group Rank of 30 indicates it belongs to a strong industry group of Financial Svcs-Specialty and a Master Score of C is fair but needs to improve. Overall, the stock is lagging behind in some of the technical parameters, but great earnings make it a stock to examine in more detail.

EPS Strength

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Indian Energy Exchange Financials
IndicatorDec 2022Sep 2022Jun 2022Mar 2022
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 1009598112
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 17161717
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 83798195
Depreciation Qtr Cr 5544
Interest Qtr Cr 1110
Tax Qtr Cr 24222326
Net Profit Qtr Cr 71706981

Indian Energy Exchange Technicals


Current Price
-0.65 (-0.51%)
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  • 16
  • 20 Day
  • 141.03
  • 50 Day
  • 141.98
  • 100 Day
  • 144.17
  • 200 Day
  • 153.19
  • 20 Day
  • 144.46
  • 50 Day
  • 140.95
  • 100 Day
  • 142.11
  • 200 Day
  • 149.24

Indian Energy Exchange Resistance and Support

First Resistance 130.81
Second Resistance 133
Third Resistance 135.5
RSI 28.44
MFI 50.02
MACD Single Line 0.05
MACD -2.82
First Resistance 126.1
Second Resistance 123.6
Third Resistance 121.4

Indian Energy Exchange Delivery and Volume

Period NSE + BSE Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume %
Day 11,320,613 675,953,802 59.71
Week 7,832,567 351,133,979 44.83
1 Month 6,777,434 258,762,415 38.18
6 Month 5,299,602 205,041,591 38.69

Indian Energy Exchange Result Highlights

Indian Energy Exchange Synopsis

NSE-Financial Svcs-Specialty

Indian Energy Exchan is involved in the business activities of Administration of financial markets. Company’s Total Operating Revenue is Rs. 230.45 Cr. and Equity Capital is Rs. 30.16 Cr. for the Year ended 31/03/2018. Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. is a Public Limited Listed company incorporated on 26/03/2007 and has its registered office in the State of Delhi, India. Company’s Corporate Identification Number(CIN) is U74999DL2007PLC277039 and registration number is 277039.
Market Cap 11,498
Sales 406
Shares in Float 89.87
No of funds 233
Yield 1.56
Book Value 16.36
U/D Vol ratio 1.1
LTDebt / Equity
Alpha -0.22
Beta 1.2

Indian Energy Exchange

Owner NameDec-22Sep-22Jun-22Mar-22
Mutual Funds 16.6%17.69%15.2%
Insurance Companies 4.36%3.9%
Foreign Portfolio Investors 15.49%15.79%20.77%
Financial Institutions/ Banks 0.01%0.33%
Individual Investors 41.76%41.09%36.7%
Others 21.79%21.52%27%

Indian Energy Exchange Management

Name Designation
Mr. Satyanarayan Goel Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Gautam Dalmia Non Executive Director
Mr. Amit Garg Non Executive Director
Ms. Sudha Pillai Independent Director
Mr. Tejpreet Singh Chopra Independent Director
Prof. Kayyalathu Thomas Chacko Independent Director

Indian Energy Exchange Forecast

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Other Analyst Rating

Indian Energy Exchange MF Shareholding

Name Amount(cr)
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Regular Growth 32911
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Regular Growth 29953
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Growth 23394
SBI Balanced Advantage Fund Regular Growth 22237
Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund Growth 21918

About Company

The Indian Energy Exchange is the country's leading energy exchange, offering a countrywide electronic trading network for the physical delivery of electricity, renewable energy, and certificates. IEX has recently pioneered cross-border energy trade with an integrated South Asian Power Market to develop and expand its power market outside India.


The IEX ecosystem includes more than 6,800 participants from 29 states and five union territories, including 55 distribution utilities and 500 conventional generators. It also has a solid base of over 4400 commercial and industrial customers, including metal, food processing, textiles, cement, ceramics, chemicals, autos, information technology, institutional, housing, real estate, and corporate bodies.

Trading Market Choices and Offerings

Electricity Market

1. Day-Ahead Market: The Day-Ahead Market is a physical power trading market for sales commencing at midnight for any/some/all 15-minute time blocks in the next 24 hours. 
2. Term Ahead Market: Includes various products that allow participants to purchase and sell electricity on a term basis for up to 11 days ahead of time.
3. Real-Time Market: The Real-Time Market is a market sector in which a new auction session takes place every half hour, with electricity being distributed afterwards. 4-time blocks or one hour after the auction's gate close. 
4. Cross Border Electricity Trade: Electricity cross-border is an effort to increase the Indian power sector to create an integrated South Asian power market.

Green Market

1. Green Term Ahead Market: The Green-Term Ahead Market is a market sector for trading renewable energy that is delivered. Contracts such as Intraday, Day-ahead Contingency, Daily, and Weekly are available in this market segment, divided into solar and non-solar categories. 
2. Green Day-Ahead Market: Solar, Non-Solar, and Hydro are the three bid categories for buyers and sellers. Sellers in each category, i.e. solar, non-solar, and hydro, have separate quantity limits.

Certificate Market

1. Renewable Energy Certificates: RECs are divided into two types: solar and non-solar. Electricity and RECs are positioned as fundamental drivers of the renewable energy market.
2. Energy Saving Certificates: A market-based instrument developed for energy-intensive businesses and sectors users to lower their specific energy usage overtime to meet set objectives. The certificates were developed under the Ministry of Power's Perform Achieve Trade initiative. 

Timeline and Development

On 26 March 2007, Indian Energy Exchange Limited was established as a public limited company in Maharashtra.
On April 17, 2007, the Company received a certificate of incorporation.
In 2008, trading in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) began on its exchange with 58 participants. Around 20 million units volume cleared in DAM daily.
In 2009, the IEX enrolled first open access customers and established Term-Ahead Market.
In 2010, Trading in the term-ahead market (TAM) and the first industrial consumer was registered on the company's exchange. The average monthly cleared volume on its exchange exceeded 500 million units (MU).
In 2011, the first non-solar Renewable energy certificates (RECs) were first traded on its exchange.
In 2012, the first solar REC trade agreement was signed with PJM Technologies, introducing a 15-minute contract in DAM.
In 2013, the IEX signed an MOU with EPAX SPOT (France).
In 2014, the daily average cleared volume on its exchange was 79 million units per day, with the largest cleared volume in a single day being 117 million units.
In 2015, the IEX created a round-the-clock Term-Ahead Market, and the exchange's biggest cleared volume in a single day was over 131 million units.
In August 2016, the Exchange was awarded three ISO certifications, including ISO 9001:2008 for quality management, ISO 27001:2013 for information security management, and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management.
On 26 September 2017, it began trading energy-saving certificates (ESCerts) on its platform.
Between the 9th and 11th of October 2017, the company launched an initial public offering (IPO). The offering for sale of 60.65 lakh shares by selling stockholders as part of the IPO.
In 2018 the IEX signed a Memorandum of Understanding with JEPX (Japan).
In 2019, the greatest volume traded on its exchange in the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) was 306 MU. This is an all-time high volume.
During the year 2019, the Company started a buyback proposal for up to 3729729 fully paid-up equity shares.
In 2020, two new bid categories were introduced along with TAM contract enhancements.
In 2020, the IEX signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the Real-Time Electricity Market (RTM) with Power Ledger, Australia.
The Indian Gas Exchange was established (IGX), and the Green Term-Ahead Market (G-TAM) was also launched in the same year.
On 17 April 2021, IEX pioneered cross-border power exchange when it began trading with Nepal on its Day Ahead electricity market by adopting the improved MILP algorithm and launching a web-based trading platform.
On 21 August 2021, Following CERC permission, the Green-Term Ahead Market was launched.
On 29 March 2022, ONGC became the first domestic producer to cohere IGX.
On the 30th of March, the REC trading session at IEX witnessed a cleared volume of 5.11 lac RECs.


Indian Energy Exchange Limited offers a power-trading platform for the physical supply of electricity. For power market players, the company facilitates price discovery and risk management. In India, the metal, food processing, textile, cement, ceramic, chemicals, autos, and information technology sectors are served by the Indian Energy Exchange.

Indian Energy Exchange FAQs

What is Share Price of Indian Energy Exchange ?

Indian Energy Exchange share price is ₹127 As on 01 April, 2023 | 07:07

What is the Market Cap of Indian Energy Exchange ?

The Market Cap of Indian Energy Exchange is ₹11498.5 Cr As on 01 April, 2023 | 07:07

What is the P/E ratio of Indian Energy Exchange ?

The P/E ratio of Indian Energy Exchange is 37.6 As on 01 April, 2023 | 07:07

What is the PB ratio of Indian Energy Exchange ?

The PB ratio of Indian Energy Exchange is 16.4 As on 01 April, 2023 | 07:07

Who is the owner of IEX India?

From 19 February 2021, Mr. Satyanarayan Goel has been appointed Chairman and Managing Director of the Company.

How does IEX generate revenue?

Transaction fees (which account for around 84% of IEX's revenue) and annual subscription fees are the company's main revenue sources (5% of revenues). The trading volume on its exchange has increased at a stunning rate of over 32% CAGR since its operations in 2008.

Who is eligible to trade on the IEX?

Only Exchange Members who IEX has approved are permitted to enter into Contracts and conduct transactions related to such Contracts. Individuals who are not members of the Exchange can participate as Clients through a registered Exchange Member.

What is the Future for IEX share?

As of 30 March 2022, the Indian Energy Exchange Limited quotation was 224.600 INR. For 29 March 2027, it is estimated that the "IEX" stock price would be  997.604 INR, based on forecasts of long-term growth. The income is estimated to be roughly +344.17% after a 5-year investment.


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