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As on 11 December, 2023 | 18:36 BSE: 534816 NSE: INDUSTOWERISIN: INE121J01017

Indus Towers Performance

Day Range

  • Low 190.30
  • High 193.95
₹ 191.95

52 Week Range

  • Low 135.15
  • High 202.40
₹ 191.95
  • Open Price191.50
  • Previous Close190.45
  • Volume3948121

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Indus Towers Share Price

  • Over 1 Month 4.66%
  • Over 3 Month -0.29%
  • Over 6 Month 22.07%
  • Over 1 Year -1.36%

Indus Towers Key Statistics

P/E Ratio 15.5
PEG Ratio -0.5
Market Cap Cr 51,729
Price to Book Ratio 2.5
EPS 7.8
Dividend 0
Relative Strength Index 58.78
Money Flow Index 53.62
MACD Signal 1.07
Average True Range 5.16

Indus Towers Investment Rating

  • Master Rating:
  • Indus Towers has an operating revenue of Rs. 27,726.30 Cr. on a trailing 12-month basis. An annual revenue growth of 2% is not great, Pre-tax margin of 10% is healthy, ROE of 9% is fair but needs improvement. The company has a reasonable debt to equity of 12%, which signals a healthy balance sheet. The stock from a technical standpoint is trading close to its 50DMA and comfortably placed above its 200DMA, around 13% above 200DMA. It needs to take support around the 50 DMA level to continue further upside move. It is currently FORMING a base in its weekly chart and is trading around 3% away from the crucial pivot point. From an O'Neil Methodology perspective, the stock has an EPS Rank of 78 which is a FAIR score but needs to improve its earnings, a RS Rating of 37 which is POOR indicating the underperformance as compared to other stocks, Buyer Demand at A which is evident from recent demand for the stock, Group Rank of 95 indicates it belongs to a poor industry group of Telecom-Infrastructure and a Master Score of B is close to being the best. Institutional holding has declined in the last reported quarter is a negative sign. Overall, the stock has mediocre earnings and technical strength, there are superior stocks in the current market environment.

EPS Strength

Price Strength

Buyer Demand

Group Rank

Indus Towers Financials
IndicatorSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022Jun 2022Mar 2022
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 7,1337,0766,7536,7657,9676,8977,112
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 3,4993,5963,3075,6025,1554,5753,053
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 3,6343,4803,4461,1632,8122,3234,058
Depreciation Qtr Cr 1,5251,3721,3201,3571,3061,3391,364
Interest Qtr Cr 459428349354392432382
Tax Qtr Cr 452462494-244303165603
Net Profit Qtr Cr 1,2951,3511,399-7088734791,818
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Total Revenue Annual Cr 28,74328,167
Operating Expenses Annual Cr 18,71312,820
Operating Profit Annual in Cr 9,66914,888
Depreciation Cr 5,3225,320
Interest Annual Cr 1,4541,602
Tax Annual Cr 7192,057
Net Profit Annual Cr 2,0436,367
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Cash from Operating Activity Annual Cr 7,9079,112
Cash from Investing Activity Annual Cr -1,739-2,182
Cash from Financing Annual Activity Cr -7,126-5,964
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr -958967
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Total ShareHolders Funds Annual Cr 21,13522,176
Fixed Assets Annual Cr 32,72731,992
Total Non Current Assets Annual Cr 37,87435,662
Total Current Assets Annual Cr 8,72112,327
Total Assets Annual Cr 46,59547,989
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Book Value Per Share Annual Rs 7882
ROE Annual % 1029
ROCE Annual % 1226
Total Debt to Total Equity Annual --
EBDIT Annual Margin % 3555
IndicatorSep 2023Jun 2023Mar 2023Dec 2022Sep 2022Jun 2022Mar 2022
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 7,1337,0766,7536,7657,9676,8977,116
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 3,4993,5963,3065,5795,1554,5753,047
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 3,6343,4803,4471,1862,8112,3224,070
Depreciation Qtr Cr 1,5261,3741,3201,3581,3071,3391,365
Interest Qtr Cr 459428349377392432383
Tax Qtr Cr 452462494-244303166603
Net Profit Qtr Cr 1,2951,3481,399-7088724771,829
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Total Revenue Annual Cr 28,74328,176
Operating Expenses Annual Cr 18,71312,817
Operating Profit Annual in Cr 9,66914,901
Depreciation Cr 5,3245,325
Interest Annual Cr 1,4541,603
Tax Annual Cr 7192,058
Net Profit Annual Cr 2,0406,373
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Cash from Operating Activity Annual Cr 7,9059,121
Cash from Investing Activity Annual Cr -1,730-2,174
Cash from Financing Annual Activity Cr -7,133-5,982
Net Cash Flow Annual Cr -958966
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Total ShareHolders Funds Annual Cr 21,11022,151
Fixed Assets Annual Cr 32,73832,005
Total Non Current Assets Annual Cr 37,86535,656
Total Current Assets Annual Cr 8,70812,311
Total Assets Annual Cr 46,57247,968
IndicatorMar 2023Mar 2022
Book Value Per Share Annual Rs 7882
ROE Annual % 1029
ROCE Annual % 1226
Total Debt to Total Equity Annual --
EBDIT Annual Margin % 3555

Indus Towers Technicals


Current Price
1.5 (0.79%)
  • Bullish Moving Average
  • ___
  • 16
  • Bearish Moving Average
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  • 0
  • 20 Day
  • ₹187.37
  • 50 Day
  • ₹184.78
  • 100 Day
  • ₹180.30
  • 200 Day
  • ₹177.83
  • 20 Day
  • ₹187.49
  • 50 Day
  • ₹185.51
  • 100 Day
  • ₹180.30
  • 200 Day
  • ₹167.69

Indus Towers Resistance and Support

First Resistance 193.83
Second Resistance 195.72
Third Resistance 197.48
RSI 58.78
MFI 53.62
MACD Single Line 1.07
MACD 1.57
First Resistance 190.18
Second Resistance 188.42
Third Resistance 186.53

Indus Towers Delivery and Volume

Period NSE + BSE Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume %
Day 4,143,655 174,199,256 42.04
Week 6,585,057 220,599,423 33.5
1 Month 5,004,573 189,673,319 37.9
6 Month 8,882,563 341,801,007 38.48

Indus Towers Result Highlights

Indus Towers Synopsis


Indus Towers is involved in the business activities of Wireless telecommunications activities. Company’s Total Operating Revenue is Rs. 28381.80 Cr. and Equity Capital is Rs. 2694.90 Cr. for the Year ended 31/03/2023. Indus Towers Ltd. is a Public Limited Listed company incorporated on 30/11/2006 and has its registered office in the State of Haryana, India. Company’s Corporate Identification Number(CIN) is L64201HR2006PLC073821 and registration number is 156038.
Market Cap 51,749
Sales 27,726
Shares in Float 83.54
No of funds 339
Yield 1.18
Book Value 2.43
U/D Vol ratio 1.1
LTDebt / Equity 12
Alpha -0.1
Beta 1.4

Indus Towers

Owner NameSep-23Jun-23Mar-23Dec-22
Promoters 69%69%69%69%
Mutual Funds 3.84%2.28%0.32%0.55%
Insurance Companies 2.74%2.2%2.1%2.29%
Foreign Portfolio Investors 21.41%23.94%26.62%26.6%
Financial Institutions/ Banks
Individual Investors 2.25%1.92%1.62%1.33%
Others 0.76%0.66%0.34%0.23%

Indus Towers Management

Name Designation
Mr. N Kumar Chairman & Ind.Director
Mr. Prachur Sah Managing Director & CEO
Mr. Harjeet Singh Kohli Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Gopal Vittal Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Rajan Bharti Mittal Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Randeep Singh Sekhon Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Ravinder Takkar Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Thomas Reisten Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Ms. Anita Kapur Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr. Sharad Bhansali Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr. Sonu Bhasin Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr. Sunil Sood Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Pankaj Tewari Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr. Ramesh Abhishek Ind. Non-Executive Director

Indus Towers Forecast

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Other Analyst Rating

Indus Towers Corporate Action

Date Purpose Remarks
2023-10-25 Quarterly Results
2023-07-27 Quarterly Results
2023-04-26 Audited Results
2023-01-24 Quarterly Results
2022-10-27 Quarterly Results
Date Purpose Remarks
2022-05-17 INTERIM Rs.11.00 per share(110%)Interim Dividend
2021-02-09 INTERIM Rs.17.82 per share (178.20%) Second Interim Dividend

Indus Towers MF Shareholding

Name Amount(cr)
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Growth 63,981
Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund Growth 28,958
Nippon India Multi Cap Fund - Growth 22,695
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund Regular Growth 22,370
Nippon India Growth Fund - Growth 21,380

About Indus Towers

The Indus Towers Ltd is the new name of a well-known telecommunications company in India that used to be called Bharti Infratel Ltd. This company is one of the leading brands that completely changed the map of Indian telecommunication services. The primary industries where Indus Towers Ltd excel in its service are manufacturing towers, deployment of towers, and their management. The company has over 22 telecom circles all over India, which helps the company withstand the complexity and other requirements of India's wireless telecommunication providers. 

Products offered by Indus Towers Ltd.

●  Installation of towers for setting up Antennae at a particular height 

●  Creating green sites for companies 

●  Finding new green solutions for energy 

●  Housing telecom and power equipment 

●  Uninterrupted energy for Telecom

●  Finding out sites for the next generation’s smart cities. 

Indus Towers Ltd is listed on 3 exchanges, and these are:

●  The Stock Exchange, Mumbai

●  MCX Stock Exchange

●  National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Included in Indices

NIFTY 50 - No 
NIFTY next 50 - YES
S&P BSE 200 - YES
S&P BSE 250 large midcap index- YES
S&P BSE finance- NO

Other listing information

Incorporation date - November 30, 2006
BSE group - A 
BSE Code - 534816

Bharti Infratel has had a change of name in recent years. As a result, now it is called Indus Towers Ltd. The company is one of the leading players in the niche industry of tower manufacturing and deployment. Not only does it do the deployment, but after the installation is complete, it manages and does the service of towers as well. As of now, the company has been able to put more than 91000 telecom towers across India, from which 39000 towers are developed under its own name. With the equity of 42% interest in Indus Towers Ltd shares, the company has become the biggest Tower manufacturer in India. Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, and even Idea Cellular are using their towers to make their telecommunication services work.

Indus Towers Ltd Board of Directors

Mr. N Kumar 
Independent Director & Chairman 

Mr. Kumar has been positioned to be an esteemed member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee. Along with this, he is also a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee as well. N Kumar has completed his engineering degree in electronics from Anna University, located in Chennai. In addition to this, he is also an active participant in the Indian National Academy and the Indian National Academy of Engineering. He has been a board member for various electronics and communication-based companies over the past four decades. Lastly, he has also served the position of President of the Confederation of Indian Industry. 

Mr. Bimal Dayal 
CEO & Managing Director 

Mr. Dayal is currently heading the company as the managing director and the CEO of Indus Towers Ltd. He has been working with the company for more than ten years and is serving two different roles. Besides this, he joined the company three decades back and, with time, has gained the overall experience to run the company under his leadership. Previously he worked in Tata Telecom Ltd, Ericsson India, and others before finally landing a job at Indus Towers Ltd. 

Ms. Anita Kapur 
Non-Executive Director & Independent Director 

Ms. Anita Kapur has been quite influential in the growth of the company over the last decade. Moreover, not only did she bring change to Indus Towers Ltd. She was also selected as the Adviser at the Indian Ministry of Finance (2015 - 2015). Over the years, she has been serving leadership roles in various companies and transforming them to be the best among the competition. She was one of the members of the Delhi Stock Exchange board of directors and held the same position on Kanpur Stock Exchange as well.

Indus Towers FAQs

What is Share Price of Indus Towers ?

Indus Towers share price is ₹191 As on 11 December, 2023 | 18:22

What is the Market Cap of Indus Towers ?

The Market Cap of Indus Towers is ₹51729.3 Cr As on 11 December, 2023 | 18:22

What is the P/E ratio of Indus Towers ?

The P/E ratio of Indus Towers is 15.5 As on 11 December, 2023 | 18:22

What is the PB ratio of Indus Towers ?

The PB ratio of Indus Towers is 2.5 As on 11 December, 2023 | 18:22

Is it a good idea to invest money in Indus Towers Ltd shares?

Over the past decade, the Indus Towers Ltd shares have seen constant growth and given investors good returns on their investments. With the current scenarios, we can also conclude that Indus Towers Ltd is quite an undervalued share as well. As a result, if you are putting your money in it, you should lock it for at least two to three years to get profits. If possible, keep your investments locked for five years to see the best of the gains from this stock. 

How to buy shares of Indus Towers Ltd online?

There are plenty of ways by which you can buy the shares of Indus Towers Ltd. But all of these methods require you to have a Demat account. If you don’t have a Demat, you can open it up in just a few minutes by going to 5paise, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, or Edelweiss. Once your Demat account is created on these platforms, you can then start trading from them as well and buy the shares of Indus Towers Ltd. from The Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE), MCX Stock Exchange (MCXE), and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE).

What are some of the competitors of Indus Towers Ltd?

Given below is the list of companies that belong to the same industry or manufacture products of a similar niche as Indus Towers Ltd. 

●  HFCL    

●  Optiemus Infra    

●  Astra Microwave    

●  Tejas Networks    

●  Vindhya Telein    

●  BLACK BOX    

What is the interim dividend yield of Indus Towers Ltd?

With the year ending by March 2022, the company has come out with the following dividend yield of 110%, which basically amounts to 11 Rs per share. So the current price of Indus Towers Ltd is 213.30, and it will give a dividend yield of 5.16%