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Wondering how much charges would you pay on carrying out a specific transaction with 5paisa?
Here is our brokerage calculator to give you all details upfront and help you identity the charges. As a broker we maintain the transparency by eradicating any probabilities of hidden terms and conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A brokerage calculator is an online tool aimed to help the traders/clients know the exact charges that they might incur when conducting a trade,. This calculator calculates brokerage, stamp duty, transaction fees, SEBI turnover fee, GST, and Securities Transaction Tax (STT). This helps the broker have maximum transparency.

This tool simplifies the process of charges calculation. All you have to do is input the information and it will calculate. Value to be provided are as below –

Stock price – Buy/Sell Price

Quantity – Number of shares

Segment – Equity, Commodity OR Currency

Product – Cash, Futures OR options

Mode of trade – Intraday OR Delivery

Once you provide this information you will get details about the charges that will be levied, net P/L and the actual brokerage.

At 5paisa, we don't charge brokerage like other full service brokers, we charge on total order value. The traders are charged Rs.20*/order.

To know more about the charges you will be charged for buy/sell orders, use above brokerage calculator and click on View Breakup.

Stock Price – The price at which traders buy/sell one unit of a stock is considered mainly to calculate the proportion of brokerage charges.

Transaction Value – Total value of the transaction is another factor that is taken into consideration when these charges are calculated. Discount brokers charge a certain amount for the trading platform they offer. At 5paisa, we believe in making trading as affordable as we can and hence we charge a flat fee irrespective of the trade volume. Read more about brokerage charges and discounted pricing at 5paisa.