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Wondering how much charges would you pay on carrying out a specific transaction with 5paisa?
Here is our brokerage calculator to give you all details upfront and help you identity the charges. As a broker we maintain the transparency by eradicating any probabilities of hidden terms and conditions.

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Trading securities involves a set of charges and one such important charge is brokerage. Brokerage in simple terms is the amount one needs to pay to the broker for offering trading facilities. This amount is levied above the original trade value and is deducted from the trader’s portfolio.

A brokerage calculator is an online tool used to calculate brokerage amount, ahead of the trade. The brokerage calculator also helps in calculating duty charges, transaction fees, SEBI turnover fee, GST, and Securities Transaction Tax. Thus, the brokerage calculator simplifies the process of calculating the cost of individual components involved in the trade.

5paisa brokerage charges are extremely feasible for investors. While buying or selling stocks through 5paisa they can choose from a variety of brokerage plans. The brokerage charge for stocks, commodities, and currency is Rs 20/ order as per 5paisa’s standard plan and the monthly fees is not fixed. As per 5paisa’s power investor pack, the brokerage fees is fixed at an amount of Rs 499 monthly and the charge for equity, currency, and commodity is Rs 10/order. The last category is 5paisa’s ultra-trader pack which involves a fixed monthly brokerage fee of Rs 999, a peculiar feature of this pack is that the brokerage fee for equity delivery is zero.

5paisa brokerage calculator is a user-friendly tool used for the calculation of brokerage. This simple tool is an amalgamation of tools like STT calculators, Intraday brokerage calculators, commodity brokerage calculators, share brokerage calculators, stock brokerage calculators, and zero brokerage calculators. The 5paisa brokerage calculator is easy to use and needs the following input:
- Stock price- Buy/Sell price
- Number of Shares
- Equity, commodity, or currency
- Intraday or delivery
Once the values are inserted, the charges will be calculated.

Brokerage calculator works on a simple brokerage fee calculation formula:
Brokerage = Number of bought/sold shares x Price of one unit of stock x brokerage percentage.
This formula is employed in both intraday trading calculations and delivery trading brokerage calculations by share brokerage calculators. However, instead of manually calculating the brokerage fee or a stock broker’s commission, a more effective and precise computational solution is available in the form of a brokerage calculator. This calculator on receiving inputs computes the SEBI turnover fee, stamp duty charges, STT, and GST.


The advantages of using a brokerage calculator are as follows:
1. Investors can calculate and compare brokerage commissions levied on trade by competitive brokers.
2. A great substitute for the manual error-prone mode of calculation.
3. Helps to estimate all the charges involved in trade (STT, GST, Custom Duty).
4. Brokerage calculator is free and easy to use.