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Last updated: Mar 22, 2023, 12:00 AM

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Countless factors help determine the exchange rates, most of which are associated with the trading relationship between the two countries. The exchange rates are relative, and Canadian Dollars in Rupee rates are affected by the economic health of countries and other factors such as the inflation rate. The following are the factors that help to determine the exchange rate:

Floating Rates
The market forces of supply and demand help to determine the floating rates. The demand for a currency's supply determines the currency's value concerning another currency.
You can find countless economic and geopolitical announcements affecting the exchange rates of two currencies. The most common are the changes in the interest rates, inflation reports, manufacturing data, commodities, unemployment rates, and GDP.

Fixed Rates
A fixed-rate is also called a pegged rate. The government determines it via its central bank. For CAD-INR, it will be the Bank Of Canada and the Reserve Bank Of India. To maintain the exchange rate, the country's government will purchase or sell its currency against the currency to which it is pegged. 
A significantly high or low currency can affect a country's economy negatively as it will impact the trade and the ability to pay off debts. The central bank or the government will use effective strategies to make their currency more favorable.

CAD, or Canadian Dollar, is the official Canadian currency, and is considered the benchmark currency. In other words, most of the central banks throughout the world keep CAD as the reserve currency. CAD has been used since 1858 when the Canadian Province replaced the Canadian Pound with its official Canadian Coins.
The term “Rupee” was derived from the word “Rupiya” which referred to a silver coin Sultan Sher Shah issued during the 16th century. INR is the currency code for the Indian Rupee, and the symbol is ₹.
CAD to INR can be converted online without any hassle. In India, people can purchase Canadian Dollars as currency notes, forex cards, and traveler’s cheques. It can be done by buying CAD demand drafts or doing a bank-to-bank wire transfer to send money from India to Canada.

Canadian Dollar Features
•    Currency Name: Canadian Dollar
•    Symbol Currency: $, Can$, C$, CA$ or CAD Cent ¢
•    Currency Code: CAD
•    Central Bank: Bank Of Canada
•    Subunit: Cent = 1/100
•    Denominations Of Bank Coins: 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, $1, $2
•    Denominations Of Banknotes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Indian Rupee Features
•    Currency Name: Indian Rupee
•    Symbol Currency: ₹
•    Currency Code: INR
•    Central Bank: Reserve Bank Of India
•    Subunit: Paisa=1/100
•    Denominations Of Bank Coins: p50, ₹1, ₹5, ₹10, ₹20
•    Denominations Of Banknotes: ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, and ₹2000

Canadian Dollar to INR forecasting is necessary as it will help evaluate the foreign-denominated cash flow associated with international transactions. 

Currency forecasts are an integral part of any business as it affects the operational and management decision of a company. Forecasting can help companies determine the best time and place for buying inputs and selling their final products.

To convert 1 CAD To INR, referring to the user-friendly and simple online currency converters is a prudent choice. Online currency converters can help you to convert Canadian Dollars to Indian Rupees in real-time, and you will get the most accurate results. The great benefit of using online currency converters is that they are constantly updated so that you get accurate results.

The rate of CAD to INR as of June 22nd, 2022:
•    1 CAD is equal to 60.32 Indian Rupees
•    The expected High-Low is 60.3105 - 60.2737
•    Change from the previous day is +0.02%
•    1 INR = 0.017 CAD

Example: To convert 5 Canadian dollars to INR,
5 CAD into INR:
5 CAD = 5 x 60.32 = 301.58 INR


Expected High

Expected Low

June 22nd, 2022



7 Days



30 Days



90 Days 



Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Indian Rupee (INR)




301.432 INR

10 CAD

602.864 INR

20 CAD

1205.728 INR

25 CAD

1507.16 INR

50 CAD

3014.32 INR

100 CAD

6028.64 INR

200 CAD

12057.28 INR

250 CAD

15071.6 INR

300 CAD

18085.92 INR

500 CAD

30143.2 INR

1000 CAD

60286.4 INR

1500 CAD

90429.6 INR

2000 CAD

120572.8 INR

3000 CAD

180859.2 INR

5000 CAD

301432 INR

10,000 CAD

602864 INR


3014320 INR


6028640 INR

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CAD to INR is a popular currency exchange utilized by countless companies, investors, and governments. Use an effective online currency converter to know about the exchange rates.

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Loonies are referred to as the $1 Canadian coin. It got its name from the solitary loon picture, which you can find on the coin's reverse side.

Exchange rates significantly affect the amount you pay for foreign products. If a country has a weaker currency, the price you will pay for the imported product will increase significantly. On the other hand, a stronger domestic currency will somewhat decrease the cost of imported products.

If you are buying money, the currency with a higher exchange rate will be more favorable to you. The reason is that you will get more for every dollar you convert because the rate is high.

When selling money, a lower exchange rate will be more beneficial for you. A lower rate means that when you sell currency, you will get more in exchange for what you sell.

When an exchange rate changes, the currency value will rise while the value of other currencies will decrease. When the currency value increases, people refer to it as appreciation, and when currency decreases, people refer to it as depreciation.

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