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Equity Derivatives Course

10Chapters 2:30Hours

In the current world, derivatives are one of the most important drivers of financial markets. Despite the fact that it has been heavily criticised, the underlying fund leverage still provides great opportunity. To mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities, banks, corporations, governments, and supranationals rely on these sometimes basic, sometimes immensely complex instruments. Derivatives are used by consumers as well, and they are often unaware of it. MORE

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This curriculum will continually assist learners with equities and derivatives investment methods, as well as knowledge of trading, hedging, and arbitrage opportunities. This course is ideal for those who want to learn about the complexity of derivatives. You’ll learn how to trade futures and options using various trading strategies. The course begins with an overview of derivatives before moving on to futures, options, and pricing. Forwards would be covered as well, although the focus would be on exchange traded derivatives.


  • Understanding Derivatives

  • Understanding Contracts

  • Knowing the Difference between future and forward

  • Understanding Margins

  • Increasing Risk Appetite


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