-1.4 (-2.25%)
As on 25 March, 2023 | 12:50 BSE: 500183 NSE: HFCL

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Hfcl Share Price

  • Over 1 Month -6.32%
  • Over 3 Month -8.43%
  • Over 6 Month -16.71%
  • Over 1 Year -16.2%

Hfcl Key Statistics

P/E Ratio 28.4
PEG Ratio -2.5
Market Cap Cr 8,377
Price to Book Ratio 3
EPS 2.1
Dividend 0.3
Relative Strength Index 29.09
Money Flow Index 44.92
MACD Signal -1.45
Average True Range 1.9

Hfcl Investment Rating

  • Master Rating:
  • HFCL has an operating revenue of Rs. 4,493.31 Cr. on a trailing 12-month basis. An annual revenue growth of 7% is good, Pre-tax margin of 9% is okay, ROE of 11% is good. The company has a reasonable debt to equity of 4%, which signals a healthy balance sheet. The stock from a technical standpoint is trading below to its key moving averages. It needs to take out these levels and stay above it to make any meaningful move. From an O'Neil Methodology perspective, the stock has an EPS Rank of 65 which is a FAIR score but needs to improve its earnings, a RS Rating of 42 which is POOR indicating the underperformance as compared to other stocks, Buyer Demand at B which is evident from recent demand for the stock, Group Rank of 98 indicates it belongs to a poor industry group of Computer-Networking and a Master Score of C is fair but needs to improve. Overall, the stock has mediocre earnings and technical strength, there are superior stocks in the current market environment.

EPS Strength

Price Strength

Buyer Demand

Group Rank

HFCL Financials
IndicatorDec 2022Sep 2022Jun 2022Mar 2022
Oper Rev Qtr Cr 1,0021,1199511,066
Operating Expenses Qtr Cr 861979865970
Operating Profit Qtr Cr 1411418696
Depreciation Qtr Cr 14151417
Interest Qtr Cr 26312928
Tax Qtr Cr 27261521
Net Profit Qtr Cr 80764862

Hfcl Technicals


Current Price
-1.4 (-2.25%)
  • Bullish Moving Average
  • ___
  • 0
  • Bearish Moving Average
  • ___
  • 16
  • 20 Day
  • 64.19
  • 50 Day
  • 67.22
  • 100 Day
  • 69.99
  • 200 Day
  • 71.06
  • 20 Day
  • 64.49
  • 50 Day
  • 67.32
  • 100 Day
  • 72.91
  • 200 Day
  • 71.32

Hfcl Resistance and Support

First Resistance 62.69
Second Resistance 63.17
Third Resistance 63.59
RSI 29.09
MFI 44.92
MACD Single Line -1.45
MACD -1.7
First Resistance 61.79
Second Resistance 61.37
Third Resistance 60.89

Hfcl Delivery and Volume

Period NSE + BSE Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume Avg NSE + BSE Delivery Volume %
Day 4,915,686 208,670,871 42.45
Week 5,312,632 307,707,645 57.92
1 Month 4,685,934 192,638,739 41.11
6 Month 9,408,425 316,781,657 33.67

Hfcl Result Highlights

HFCL Synopsis


Hfcl is involved in the business activities of Manufacture of fibre optic cables for data transmission or live transmission of images. Company’s Total Operating Revenue is Rs. 4286.44 Cr. and Equity Capital is Rs. 137.49 Cr. for the Year ended 31/03/2022. HFCL Ltd. is a Public Limited Listed company incorporated on 11/05/1987 and has its registered office in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. Company’s Corporate Identification Number(CIN) is L64200HP1987PLC007466 and registration number is 007466.
Market Cap 8,377
Sales 4,139
Shares in Float 84.04
No of funds 157
Yield 0.29
Book Value 3.06
U/D Vol ratio 0.6
LTDebt / Equity 3
Alpha -0.01
Beta 1.45


Owner NameDec-22Sep-22Jun-22Mar-22
Promoters 39.24%39.2%39.2%
Mutual Funds 2.43%2.41%1.86%
Insurance Companies 0.21%0.17%0.17%
Foreign Portfolio Investors 6.52%6.72%6.81%
Financial Institutions/ Banks
Individual Investors 34.75%34.59%35.18%
Others 16.85%16.91%16.78%

HFCL Management

Name Designation
Mr. Mahendra Nahata Managing Director
Mr. Surendra Singh Sirohi Independent Director
Mr. Bharat Pal Singh Independent Director
Dr.(Ms.) Tamali Sengupta Independent Director
Mr. Arvind Kharabanda Non Executive Director
Dr. Ranjeet Mal Kastia Non Executive Director
Mr. Ajai Kumar Independent Director

Hfcl Forecast

Price Estimates


Other Analyst Rating

HFCL MF Shareholding

Name Amount(cr)
Quant Active Fund Growth 3532
Quant Small Cap Fund Growth 3302
Quant Tax Plan Growth 2779
Quant Flexi Cap Fund Growth 1045
Quant Infrastructure Fund Growth 822

About Company

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL) is one of India's largest private organizations. It designs and manufactures cutting-edge telecom equipment and provides unique and customised end-to-end communication solutions. The company has significant manufacturing and research & development facilities in-house. It has a permanent workforce of about 2000 professionals. It has its operations in Solan (Himachal Pradesh), Goa, and Chennai (Tamil Nadu), and Gurgaon (Haryana) and New Delhi are the corporate headquarters of the HFCL.


Product and Services of HFCL

1. Telecommunication equipment, optical fibre cables, and intelligent power systems are among the company's specialities.

2. The Company has set up CDMA and GSM networks, satellite communications, wireless spectrum management, and a DWDM optical transmission network as a telecommunication solutions provider.

3. For telecommunication firms, railways, the oil and gas industry, and high-security applications as the Defense and internal security agencies require, HFCL has installed over 25,000 2G/3G cell sites and rolled out over 100,000 kilometres of optical fibre cable networks.

4. With over 1,200 individuals on its payroll, it has a national presence.

5. The company concentrates on new high-growth markets such as railways, homeland security, smart cities, and defence.

Subsidiaries of HFCL

1. HFCL Advance Systems

2. Moneta Finance Ltd

3. HTL Limited

4. DragonWave HFCL Ltd.

5. Raddef private limited

6. Polixel Security Systems

Timeline and Development

On 11 May 1987, Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd was formed.

To manufacture 1+1 and 1+7 Analog Subscriber Carrier Systems, the HFCL entered into a technical partnership agreement with Seiscor Technologies Inc USA.

In addition, Philips Kommunikation Industries AG of Germany signed a Memorandum of Understanding to manufacture the Digital Subscriber Carrier System.

In 1991, the business established two new companies, Himachal Telematics Ltd in Solan to produce digital microwave radio transmission equipment and fax machines, and Microwave Communication Ltd in Delhi to establish a radio paging network in several of the country's major cities.

In 1993-94, the company acquired Kaldev Trader & Investment Ltd and Coubndge Construction (Delhi) Ltd.

In the same year, HFCL also signed deals with telecom behemoths such as Korea's Kong Song Communication & Electronics Co Ltd to manufacture radio pagers and satellite video receivers.

In the 1995-96 fiscal year, Himachal Telematics Ltd was amalgamated with the HFCL corporation.

In 1997, the business was awarded a contract to build an information superhighway for Essar Commvision Ltd's basic telephone project in the Punjab circle.

In 1996-97, the company's Optical Fibre Cable Plant in Goa began commercial production.

In 1998, the company joined the information technology market by providing software solutions to the telecommunications industry.

During the fiscal year 1998-99, the business got Purchase Orders for STM-1 Optical Line Terminal Equipment worth Rs 22 crore and an advance Purchase Order for STM-16 Systems worth Rs 100 crore.

In 1999, the company entered the software export market and built a state-of-the-art facility in Delhi to support it. Reliance WorldTel awarded HFCL a contract to build an Internet backbone in Tamil Nadu.

From 1999 to 2000, the business launched two joint ventures, Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd and Excel Net commerce Ltd, in software and B2B E-commerce, respectively, with the Kerry Packer Group of Australia.

During 2000-01, the business formed two subsidiaries: HFCL Infotel Ltd and Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd.

During the fiscal year 2001-02, the business paid Rs 55 crore for 74% of HTL Ltd, a public sector initiative that manufactures the country's largest switching equipment.

With effect from 16 October 2001, HTL Ltd became a subsidiary of the corporation.

In addition, the firm sold a portion of its stock in Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd. As a result, Consolidated Futuristic Solutions Ltd ceased to be a subsidiary of the company on 6 December 2001.

From 1 September 2002, HFCL Infotel Ltd amalgamated with the Investment Trust of India Ltd, a Chennai-based firm, and was renamed HFCL Infotel Ltd.

With effect from 31 March 2003, the owned subsidiary firm HFCL Trade-Invest Ltd amalgamated with the company during the fiscal year 2002-03.

From 30 September 2003, the Company's subsidiary, the Investment Trust of India Ltd, ceased to exist.

During the 2003-04 fiscal year, the company's cable business joined the cable TV market and quickly became a dominating player.

During the fiscal year 2004-05, the business executed the largest ever WLL CorDect order of 200 Klines and 60% of MTNL's CDMA Infrastructure order.

With effect from 11 July 2006, Moneta Finance (P) Ltd has become the company's completely owned subsidiary.

HFCL requested the delisting of its GDRs from the London Stock Exchange and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2014.

Following the departure of the Depository, Bank of New York (BNY Mellon), the GDRs were delisted from the London Stock Exchange and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, respectively, on 21 March 2014, and 23 December 2013, respectively.

Due to a lack of liquidity, with almost no trading and investors' dwindling interest in depositary receipts, HFCL has not selected a Successor Depository and has terminated the Deposit Agreement.

HFCL enhanced its success in its manufacturing and turnkey business divisions for the year ending 31 March 2015.

In the financial year ending 31 March 2016, HFCL had its highest ever revenue of Rs 2570 crore. It performed admirably across all business sectors.

With shipments to over 25 countries in FY 2016, the firm has established itself as a global provider of OFC goods (16 countries in FY 2015).

Despite fierce market rivalry from domestic and international competitors, HFCL earned its highest-ever export revenue of Rs 75.27 crore in FY 2016 (Rs 34.88 crore in FY 2015).

During FY 2015 and FY 2016, the business competed in four significant contracts announced by BSNL to establish a nationwide defence Telecom network, totalling around Rs 5000 crore.

HFCL's Goa facility completed a complete modernisation for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2017. The yearly capacity was also increased from 5 MFkm to 7.2 MFkm and several additional cable variations.

HFCL's Goa factory produced new compact designs for micro-optical fibre cables with smaller diameters and new dry-dry optical fibre cables in FY 2018.

In FY2018, HFCL was awarded a three-year contract by Nokia to deliver optical fibre cables for the EU-funded Digital Poland Project.

The Board of Directors authorised changing the company's name from Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited to HFCL Limited at its meeting on 15 May 2019.

Market Cap

The market capitalization of HFCL is Rs 9237 crore as of 18th May 2022. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2021, the HFCL spent 3.98% of its operating revenues on interest charges and 5.72% on staff costs. The stock returns were 260.0% over three years, compared to 64.32% for the Nifty Midcap 100.


Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL) is a multi-faceted telecom infrastructure enabler focusing on telecom infrastructure development, system integration, and the manufacturing and selling of high-end telecom equipment and optical fibre cable (OFC). HFCL is an internet component manufacturer and one of Reliance Jio's top service providers. Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Telangana supply fibre optics for Bharat Net projects. The 5G rollout is projected to boost HFCL as well.


What is Share Price of HFCL ?

HFCL share price is ₹60 As on 25 March, 2023 | 12:36

What is the Market Cap of HFCL ?

The Market Cap of HFCL is ₹8376.8 Cr As on 25 March, 2023 | 12:36

What is the P/E ratio of HFCL ?

The P/E ratio of HFCL is 28.4 As on 25 March, 2023 | 12:36

What is the PB ratio of HFCL ?

The PB ratio of HFCL is 3 As on 25 March, 2023 | 12:36

Who is the owner of HFCL?

Mahendra Nahata, along with Dr Deepak Malhotra and Vinay Maloo.

What is the Future for HFCL share?

In a year, the stock price of Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd may rise from 80.950 INR to 89.018 INR.

What are the key peers of the HFCL?

The top 5 Peers for HFCL are ITI Ltd., Optiemus Infracom Ltd., MRO-TEK Realty Ltd., Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd., and Shyam Telecom Ltd.


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